Being Ok to Not Having More Kids.

older mom

As I look around to friends and family announcing new babies, or bring home new bundles of joy, in the first time in my life, my ovaries aren’t razy about it.

It’s a silence.

Had you asked me two years ago, I wanted more kids. There is a small part of me that sitll does, but the bigger part, called logic, lets me know that life would be severely interrupted if I had more. Simple tasks wouldn’t be so simple. Sleeping in would definitely be out of the question, and raising a baby right now is so expensive, which is the main key factor of my uterus shutting down for the time being.

Now, if I won the lotto, I probably change my mind, because I have th resources to raise another one, but even then, it would take away from the crew who is already here.

I will admit, I miss the cute stuff my kids did when they were little, but mom duty never ends. As I look back, it was easier to be a mom to a small child.

Hear me out before you shank me……

Small kids have small simple problems. Diaper changings, feedings, entertaining, and teaching the simple lessons in life.

As I now have my 16, 15, and 9 yr olds, it gets more complicated. The chapter of being a mom to two young adults is ticky for the most part. One thing I grapple is when to step in and when to let them handle their business. When they should learn the lesson on their own, and all I can do is sit back and be there when it blows up in their face. That this sheltered home they have, isn’t like real life, and letting them go in it to learn society and find their way.

That some bullshit they didn’t tell me about in the books, or mommy and me playdates. It never ends either. It’s the way you are as a parent once they are older. Whether they are 16 or 42, it will be this way for now on.

Of course, you have Ms. HyperDiva at the stage of asking the questions you don’t know the answers to all the time, but I try to answer them as best as I can. I’ve had practice with this, so she’s blessed in that regard.

All in all, I love the freedoms I have with older kids. Wise One is taking drivers ed next year, and it scares me, but also makes me happy.

“Mom I can run errands for you once I get my licence.”


As I see my friends and family having babies right now, I say my uterus is a historical monument to procreation for now. If it stays that way, I don’t mind one bit. Besides, I got Crazy Ass, she wants to slowly drive me nuts!

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