Tasty Tuesday Episode 4 and a Product Review

Today, #tastytuesday is a little different.

Now, I posted on facebook last night a hint to today’s blog entry. It was macaroni and cheese and steaks.

That was the recipe for the week. It’s more of a method. So today, your getting a recipe/method. An inexpensive way to make dinner, without to much of a mess, and no worry.

Here’s the skivvy!

I caught a buy one get one free deal on steaks the other day at the store. I knew, well at least, had a feeling, these steaks were either a)needing to be cooked ASAP, or b)going to be tougher than me squeezing into a 2x pair of pants.

You guys know me, I always have a plan.

I made my way over to the sauces aisle, and got crockpot sauces premixed. I love Campbell’s Slow Cooker Mixes. I use them for just about everything, and Mondays are Crockpot day at my house, since we have a late girl scout meeting.


crockpot pic

Wash off the steaks, and put in the sauces. Now, it tells you on the back how many you’ll need to make each cut of meat. One of my favorites to use is the Apple Bourbon Pork mix. I don’t eat pork, but the flavor goes with just about anything. I used three packs, and turned it on low for 6 hours. Don’t wait past noon, especially if the meat is still frozen. You can do it the night before, but make sure it’s on low. If on high, it will turn into mush, and scortch the sauce. I also add a little water, just from person experience, the sauce is think, but burns after about hour 4. Adding water, or even wine/cooking wine helps thin out the sauce, and cook better.

Afterwards, walk away. The crockpot will do the work for you. You smell the awesomeness of the food, and want to check on it. Don’t. The more air you let into the crockpot, you’ll mess up the dish, just let it cook.

I started mine around noon, so around 6pm, I turned it onto keep warm, and fixed the rest of the dinner. They were juicy, and real flavorful. It definitely helps when you have someone in the house who has a hard time chewing. Super Samurai lost a lot of teeth when he was younger due to his seizure meds, so I keep that in mind when planning out food selection.

Time it took to prep full dinner: 35 mins. Here’s the finished product.


Try it out! Tell me which one you tried, and what you think!

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    1. csmommy2014 says:

      It was! Lol. Do it once a week.


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