When going cheap goes wrong…….

As the trend has been around here, I’ve been on a do it yourself movement as of late. Normally, I plan it out, and it comes out great.

I decided to order my kids some furniture from Kmart. Simple, and pre-measured, and all the parts come with the box.

Easy, right?

Hell. No.

Now, before my male readers go, “see women trying to put shit together, and can’t do it”, No that’s not the problem. I’ve been building things since I was the age of 6 years old. The lesson I learned with these dressers : Don’t go too cheap.

Now, when my tax return posted, the first thing I thought of was furniture. We were lacking a lot, and I really don’t have money until this time of year to make bigger purchases like these. I built my whole bedroom set, along with other things in my house, so don’t assume since I’m a woman I don’t know.

What I did do is assume this would be ok for a kids room. Press wood is pieces of shit wood pressed together, and me no likey!

I began to put together the first dresser, and was on a roll…….until the bottom piece, which is press wood, broke.


Get this, not in half, OH NO! Right where the screws held the wood together to make it a dresser, and not just pieces of wood.

I had wood glue. I’ll try that.

Nope. That piece of wood said fuck you and the horse you thought you were on to save this furniture.

So I said forget it. The other three dressers will go back, and I’ll save to buy some real wood, pricey, furniture. I will tell you this. Don’t ever. Ever! EEEEEEVVVVVVAAAAA! Eva, eva, eva, eva! Buy furniture from Kmart. I figured it was for my kids, so it should be ok. If it falls apart as you put it together, that’s a bad sign.

20150303_191454           20150303_191450

It has not detered me from my do it yourself missions. I will build my bar, and I figure I’ll try the cube sections for my kids stuff in their rooms.

Stay tuned, I’m just getting started.

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