Tasty Tuesday Episode 5

I apologize for the last Tasty Tuesday post. My sinuses have been kicking my butt since this weekend, so I posponed everything until this weekend. I did manage to get this done!

This one is simple, and I wanted to share since it’s been my diet the last couple days. Really easy and inexpensive.

I love love love minestrone soup, but love noodles. Now, with my high blood pressure, and trying to really watch what I eat, I love top ramen, but can’t have it fue to the high content of salt. I take the noodles, and throw way the flavor packet. I put the noodles in the pot(or bowl if making in the microwave), and cook it with the minestrone soup.


You have that with a salad, or if sick a grilled cheese sandwich, and lunch is served.

I add a little pepper to mine, just for a little kick, but nothing else is needed.

I wanted to share that, because it’s not only the big meals that count, but the small ones are just as important too.

Let me know what you think. I’m going to lay back down and try to wish this sinus pressure away!

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