The New Fight Begins, are you with me?

As I have been grapping with my sinuses acting crazy, and knees being mean to the moving my furniture around, I’ve also been paying attention to my school district changes.

Now, I rarely talk politics on my blog, or religion, but education isn’t off limits. With that said, politics intertwine itself into this discussion in this case.

I live in a great area, very good neighbors, friendly people, and awesome district…… I thought. Wise One’s high school was nationally recognized for their awesome education program, and I’m hapy for it. I mean she’s been on honor since she got to high school.

My problem is the fighting and bickering that is now going on right before elections are held. First a vote to eliminated the dual language problem was passed. Now, it’s doesn’t effect me my house, since we all are first language english speakers, but the demographics of the country need to really acknowledge that the hispanic population is growing. I also learned that my high school kids aren’t required to take foriegn language to graduate.

When the hell did this change?

Most, if not all colleges ask for two years of foriegn language just to get in. I mean you get rid of dual language, yet push this math……..ugh……….for the love of Pete and all that is holy, this common core math. Cut Arts, foriegn language, and now working on cutting the American Disablities Act?

Yes, my district is talking about trying to get rid of rights to disabled children(which include my kids) in schools.

Again, I don’t talk Politics much on here, but here’s the thing. I understand where some say the states and local government should have more control over education, and federal government should say out of it. This is what happens if you give too much power back to the states as well. You can’t take money for these programs from the government, and then cut them. Last I checked, that’s fraud. You want the 4,000(yes I checked) per special needs child or non speaking english child in your school, you have to accomidate for them. You want to reform education, stop testing out the ass. It takes away time from what they could be learning. I think the federal government forgot kids learn differently.

Samuel L. Jackson, and kids of his generation, were in schools, where the teachers accomidated for each child. Taught to each childs needs, and what was planned for their futures. Which also meant meeting with Parents.

This means parents need to take an more active role in what is going on. No matter what side you are on, be real about your child, and what you may have planned or not planned for them. You may want your child to go to college, but do you have the money to do so? Are they actually smart enough to go? Do they want to do a trade instead? Remember the plummber or mechanic you rely on? That’s a trade, not college bound. On the flip side, if your child is going to college, are they getting what college is expecting from them once they get there. Here’s a newsflash: colleges aren’t teaching common core in math. It’s still old school. Now, how does that mesh?

Great Question.

In this house, I’m open to my kids doing what they love to do. Trade school or college. I’m also against the changes in the educational system as a whole. I got my love of music and arts through my household and school. I don’t see that in my kids education. I remember field trips to the muesums and different places to learn about things to do with science, history, and literature. I don’t see that. I played my first instrument in the fourth grade, violin to be exact. Nothing like that.

Funny thing, a lot of my generation and older have changed the world in so many ways, without common core changes, and having the diversity in schools. It’s an outlet. You want us to compete in the world, then cover it all. Don’t cut it all out. Makes no sense. Especially to those who are having a hard time. I’ve talked to parents of these changs, one thing that is in common, the special needs kids are being pushed out of the equation of it all and getting the short end of the stick. Have been for a while, but they are now openly cutting things out. That’s not cool, to say the least.

No matter what side of the aisle you are on, that’s a major problem. They are human beings who deserve a fair shake at life too. Trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg for me, and my schoolboard will be hearing from me real soon.

I write this to my fellow parents who have special needs children. If you don’t, fight hard anyway. Pay attention to what is going on in your district, ask questions! Demand a fair shake. As someone told me, you are your child’s advocate, no one else is going to fight harder for yur kids than you, so make sure you do.

By the way, I’m an independent. I believe government in all ranks has a place. I believe all people have a right to a fair shake and chance in this country, and I believe if you take money from the government, it should be used for what you said it needs to be used for. I also think that more educational options(i.e. charter schools or homeschooling) should be available to parents if they choose to, no red tape all the time, because 28 days of Black history to only get 3 days and worksheet doesn’t work for me. Not acknowledging Cesar Chavez or the fact it’s National Women’s Month in schools is not okay to me either. Kids miss out on a lot, and I get tired of it. If I want to teach my kids, or send them to a charter school, I shouldn’t get shit about it.

Love y’all peeps! Remember, the best thing you can do is ask questions, and take a stand.

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  1. Our school system is on the decline. I’ve noticed it with my brother and sister. My brother is exceedingly bright and in the gifted program, I still worry he won’t reach his full potential because they’re just going to lump him in. So sad.


    1. csmommy2014 says:

      Its crazy. My older two are almost done but my youngest has 9 years left. If it doesnt change, homeschooling maybe an option.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve debated home schooling myself. My husband and I are terrified of how it’ll be when we have kids. I’m not willing to throw my child’s development away.


      2. csmommy2014 says:



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