This big gal said ‘on my own terms’.

One thing I came to conclusion on was a goal I have of exercising.

I’m not 21 anymore, and honestly, I’m ok with that. Yet again, I’m not 80 either.

What I did honestly think about was who was I losing the tire for(what I call the stomach fat)? Why am I rushing the process? It’s more about my health and feeling good. I mean honestly I look awesome big or not. Not many people can say that.

I stress, that no, I’m not conceited, just a fact. LMAO. Seriously, my personality and intelligence make me a beautiful person, regardless of weight, so what’s the rush of losing 10 pounds in a week?

I guess it’s the older I get, the more I can give a shit of what people think of me. I’m beginning to have my priorities in a way where it makes my family and I happy, not everyone else.

So if it’s only 1 pound I’ll take it. With these knee issues I’m having more often, that played a role in how I approach the weight loss subject. I want to do this naturally, no pills, diets, or quick fixes. It’s a lifestyle change, not lose it by a certain time, and then go back to bad habits.

I had to be real with myself. Some exercises are just down right out of the question at this point.

I will do this on my terms, like everything else. I will continue to enjoy my life on my terms, and not be bullied into doing things on everyone else’s timeline.

2015 will be a year I continue to come out of my shell on my terms. Working out so far.

Why change the formula?

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