Bar 101: Indy/PC Games


I’m so sorry of the lack of Bar 101 posts! Between Spring cleaning, and planning this Spring Break trip, I’ve been so busy!

Here we are though, I finally got time to post the weekly post I should be posting! Continuing with the theme we voted on, this week is Indy/PC games.

Now, to explain, these games, these are pioneer games. Games you and I remember from childhood, and games that aren’t quite known commercially, but if you are a true PC gamer(like my daughter), you’ll know these games. Now, the difference with this week, is less drinks. We only have four, of which one can be made with alcohol, and without.

This will be the last Bar lab for a while since the next two weeks is food picks, and I’m going on vacation! So you ready?

Let’s do this!

First, we have the Amnesia Slurpie. I made this in honor of my daughter, and her friends vote for the game. This game is scary as hell. Like Dying Light scary but ten times worse. Released in 2010, it was just for PC gaming only. When I first got the choices, and saw that this was one of them, I didn’t know exactly how to approach the idea, until I walked into 7-11 one day for a gallon of milk.


We all know as a kid, you drink that too fast, you’re done. It couldn’t be that hard to make them, and I don’t know of a kid who doesn’t like them. Now, as you see it’s a really sugary drink, so it won’t be something we make around here all the time, but it’s something fun to have. Now, if you want to make this for your 21+ crowd, split the ice up into two batches before you continue. Make the one as is, and the other batch, use pina colada, 7up, and coconut rum. Layer the drink, purple, white, then swirl. Garnish with a cherry.

We next have the Survival. It’s based on the game Oregon Trail. Now, this game is self explanitory. unless you were never on a computer in the 80s and 90s, you know this game. It was on the old school IBM computers with those big ass floppy disk that kids traded their momma for at one time. It was a game that was trendsetting, and educational, so parents and kids loved it alike. I know they brought it back on some level, and I figured it would be on this list of games to pick from. Just like the game was simple, I kept the drink simple. I tried to channel the time of the game was set in. I would assume it was brutal then, and I have to say, I’m glad I was born in thr century and decade I was born in.


The Marine, was based on a game I remember, and was voted for by some in the Indy catagory. Rise of the Triad was a game that was made for a follow up to Wolfenstein 3D. It took a life of it’s own, and I personally can say it was a great game to play. My mother actally got me hooked to playing this in between my bouts of playing Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct. I’m not the best on console first person shooters, but when it came to PC first person shooters, I was kick ass! It was a game where special ops were sent to stop a cult from taking over Los Angeles and destroying the city. I came up with the name based on the game play itself. It was sweet for its time, but a brutal game to play. I don’t know how many times, once on the harder levels, can drive a person to drink something to calm the nerves! Geez, I’m telling you…………


Lastly we have the Block Party. It was based on the game, The Sims. I loved the hell out of this game! I think one tax season I bought the game, and all the expansion packs that were available. I could play this for hours! The Sims 2 was when I got hooked and bought all eight expansion packs. The PC game has sold 175 million copies between 2000 and now. Trust me, if I was bored, mad, or didn’t want to watch tv, this was my go to after writing. There is something to be said to play out lives on a computer screen, and you control them. Now, I’m not even mentioning the cheats I used to help my sims out too……..



In any event, I thought of a block party, because when youstart the game, some people are already there, and in the nicer times of our country, they had block parties to get to know your neighbors. I don’t know if they still do, but I rarely hear of them. In any event, if I were to have one, this is what I’d serve to the adults.

One game we are missing is Half Life. I chose to make this a food choice only. The two sided stomboli. It was fantasic, just like the game. That will be the tasty tuesday recipe for this week, along with two other recipes.




Yes, we are celebrating people! It’s how we roll around here.

I hope you enjoy those drinks I posted, and began to enjoy the warmer weather where ever you are. Though I’ll be going on vacation, doesn’t mean bar lab won’t happen, it will be ‘different’, and that’s the only hint I’ll say!

See you in two weeks!

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