My vacation and happiness epiphany.

Lovely peeps.

I’m up dragging ass, but excited! Tomorrow afternoon, the crew and I will be back on California soil. It’s been so long, and memories, both good and bad are coming back.

It’s weird. I miss it, but then I don’t miss it. Great, good, bad, and even ugly things have happened since, but I wouldn’t change any of it to be honest. Those experiences have made us the awesome family we are. Yeah, we would like to be a little financially stable, but who doesn’t ya know?

I guess I’m excited because it has been five years, and just like Las Vegas, Los Angeles changes like you change your panties. I’ll see my brother, and catch up with him. We shall call him Mellow Hulk. He has matured so much, and just like me, building his empire. Mellow Hulk is an awesome dude, and very awesome uncle. We butt heads like siblings do, but I got his back, just like he has mine, so it should be awesome times visiting when he can.

My mom, as Ms. Hyperdiva calls her, Crazy Grandma, is in Ohio with my Grandparents helping them out, and she’s hoping this will be the last extended stay she has to do. She wants pictures as always, so I’ll be clearing out my phone to make room for vacation pictures.

Of course, my procrasination ass is moving slow to get done, but trust me, I got a plan this time. We have so many places we wanna go and check out, old and new. I shall relax and write on my book and homework. I know, that doesn’t seem like relaxing to most, but my version of relaxing is creating.


I love making up new stuff. It’s the one thing, amongst other things, my siblings and I have in common. All four of us(Mellow Hulk, Vintage Diva<my youngest sister>, and Hair Sunshine<my younger sister). We all in one way or another became self employed. We are creative, smart, awesome, witty indivduals. Ask anyone of us, and bet you we will say the same thing, being self employed or building a business isn’t a job. It’s a hobby we love and just happen to get paid for.

Once I became self employed and decided to do what I loved to do, which is a mutitude of talents, opportunites opened, and I became happy. I’ve had some stressful moments, but it was the reaction to it that made it easier to deal with.

That’s where we are today. As I catch up with Mellow Hulk, tour California, and even drive to see the foursome I’m happy to call my cousins in Phoenix, I feel blessed. We will hit the west coast now, and next is to plan to hit the east coast to catch up with Vintage Diva, Hair Sunshine, and my newest sibling I met thanksgiving, Mr. Titan Cool(he’s older), it’s finally dawned on me.

One of the biggest reasons I’m self employed is to smell the roses, and enjoy life with faily and friends. It’s true V8 moment when you get to the point where you can enjoy life, and really see what truly matters.

On to laundry and packing! California here we come!

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  1. lbuttedal says:

    Love this!


  2. ā¤ Self Employed All the Way šŸ™‚


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