Food Review: Grill ‘Em All

Holy Cow!

We are back from vacation, and I have to say, Los Angeles doesn’t disappoint on food choices!

We started this journey here at home, saying one of the things we would do, that we HAD to do, was hit some restaurants we hadn’t been to in years, or a place they don’t have back east. Mellow Hulk was a great help, since he roams everywhere around L.A.

One place he recommended, that he hadn’t been to was a food truck called Grill Em All. I looked them up on facebook, and they have had so much success they are now a restaurant. I was definitely intrigued and curious.

Wise one and I made a day out of the trip, because we were staying in Simi Valley, and the restuarant was located in Alhambra. As you guys know, we are all about road trips and new adventures! So off we were!



It’s kind of hidden in a strip mall next to an IMAX Theater and Applebees . Parking wasn’t the best, but I expect that from L.A. Parking suck all the way around out there. Once we parked, walking in was another experience. It’s based around heavy metal. Now, you guys know me, I’m openmined to everything, and if done right, I love it. This was one of those times. I’m a fan of certain rock groups, but not really of the screaming rock groups, but it made the restaurant work, because of the theme. It wasn’t so loud you couldn’t conversate either. It was just right. The menu is on the wall, and a board hanging above the cashier. Chalkboard, and very straight forward. I loved it!


I didn’t know what to order, and Wise One and I were kinda confused. I can’t remember the name of the cashier/waitress who helped us, but she was awesome. If you go, best advice she gave was to take your time to read over the menu. She was very nice, polite, and answered all the questioned we had about the food. Not allgeries, but more of ‘what is….?’.

Great plus to this place was, any burger they had on the menu, you could make into a fry dish! I was so in love. As you read the menu below, I ordered a ‘High on Fries’. French fries with shredded buffalo chicken, wing sauce, and bleu cheese. Wise One had the same with a ‘winger’ burger. Mellow Hulk requested a ‘Behemoth’ minus the bacon and add duck confit.


For you guys who don’t know, Duck Confit is basically duck leg, so yes, this dude had a burger with duck meat, hence the reason why he’s cause Mellow Hulk. He’s chilled out, but can eat like no tomorrow!

I also ordered a plate of Napalm Death fries. I didn’t eat them because Mellow Hulk got to them before I did, but that’s ok. I had to get on the plane the next day, I didn’t need to kill anyone with that. The dish had fries, and on top was pepperjack, picked serrano, cream cheese, jalapeno peppers sliced jalapeno poppers, habanero sauce, and sriracha.

It was 50 bucks for it, but as you see the portions were nuts! I loved that too! The high on fries were great, and I was full after eating half of them. Now just to put it out there, I starved myself that day thinking “we are hitting food trucks, gotta have room” LOL.

This place was awesome, 30 different beers to choose, their own apparel to promote themselves, two flat screens to watch wrestling on one screen, and adult swim on ther other. Great service, and the best combinations of food money could buy. Wise One is not really a people person outside of family and close friends, and she loved it.

Of course you have the taste of the food itself. These odd combos meshed so well in the dishes we ordered. Well worth the cost between that and the portions like I mentioned. It’s fresh made to order, which is a huge plus in my book.


Overall, it was a great place to eat at. Everything had it’s place, and it made the restaurant. I give the place 10 headbangs out of 10. It was well thought out, and for a themed restaurant, it was awesome. Service was great, and the food was on point. If you are in the greater LA area, I recommend you check them out.

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