Bar 101: Tequila and Beer

Hey Peeps!

We are back for more recipes and reviews! I also posted two recipes of the drinks on my you tube page for you to try!

Now the theme this week was Tequila and Beer. Not mixing the two, but seeing what we could mix with them. I got the idea from a friend about the beer. She posted she liked a certain beer, and I never seen it before. I wanted to see what my crazy mind could do with the beer in the lab! So you know I had to go to my favorite place and look. Now first of, this is english beer, which made me giddy, because my goal this year was to branch out into other countries for liquor. I want to see how my international peeps take their liquors, ya know?

Next, I’m not stranger to Tequila. I wanted to try out some new brands I read up on, but my problem is the cost.

Here’s a little inside info for you. When I plan out my ideas on the blog, I think about you guys first. I think about the idea being easy enough that you don’t have to stress over it, but I also think about the cost too. One of the brands costs 135$.

Wait. WHAT??!!!

Yes. 135.00. That is my electric bill. No way in hell I’m buying that, nor am I telling you to buy it. In the pictures you’ll see, both Tequilas were under 20.00, and the ales were 5.00/each. I budget like no ones business.

Anywho, let’s get to the drinks!

First up we have the Cancun Margarita. I wanted something to mesh with the 1800 Coconut, and as you see, I got it. I never been to cancun, but would hope that if I go this is what I’m drinking!


Next up we have the Chocolate Fruit. I never had stout in my life, so this was exciting for me! I never thought that chocolate could be captured in a drink without it tasting like crap, but this stout was awesome you guys!


Try these two and let me know what you think! The recipes are up on the you tube channels with measurements and instructions!

We move on to Daddy’s Banana Bread. I made this in honor of the dads who have the kids alone, and have a ruff day! LOL! Just kidding. I made it with a male view in mind, but the beer was great! This will be my go to beer when I got out. It tasted just like Banana Bread, so it can dub as a dessert too. With the mix of the whipped vodka and amaretto, it was like I had a slice in front of me! I so recommend you guys trying this out.


The last drink of the night was called Berry Berry Juicy. These were Organic Ales. I was a little skeptical, but you could tell any difference in anything. It was like I was drinking Berry flavored pop. This is a great hanging out drink and not hard to make at all.


These drinks were very tasty and simple to make. My crazy ideas of mixing worked this time.

Until next week peeps! Enjoy the drinks!

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