Product Review: Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale


I haven’t done one of these in a long time! In my defense, I only do these if the product is worth reviewing. I think this one is.

Now, if you guys don’t know, I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure in 2011. I was, continue to be at times stressed out by things not in my control. It’s not as bad, but I’ve realized I have zero patience for stupidity. LOL. More specifically chosen stupidity.

That’s another blog.

In any event, I take my meds for it once a day, and keep it moving. One of the side effects is sometimes it really upsets my stomach, especially if I take them on an empty stomach.

Here enters ginger ale. It’s a more natural way for me to keep my stomach calm, and if I’m gassy, great way to make me burp. Yes, I burp people. Normally I by Vernors, because it just taste good. During the holidays, Canada Dry makes a cranberry ginger ale. That pop is awesome! I hate it’s only during christmas though.

When I saw this int he store I was like, wait a hot minute? Canada Dry made a new flavor? I must try it.

Blackberry Ginger Ale

I bought two, hoping it wasn’t nasty, and to my delight, it’s not! Omgoodness you guys! This stuff is so good! I had some today since my meds decided today was going to be a ruff day. I cracked it open, and it was the right amount of sweetness, but still tastes like ginger ale. I can’t stand when companies try to modify recipes that are good or even great and they lose their orginal taste. Food or Drink wise.

Huge turn off. I don’t know how long it’s going to be around, but I fully suggest you go out and get some. I give this pop 10 burps out of 10. I mean is great buy itself. I’m already think of plans of cooking and mixing with this as long as I can.

Mock Sangria anyone? Oh yeah as I was drinking it already plans in motion!

Until next time, I’m going to get some more ginger ale before the crew realizes it’s in the kitchen!

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