Next Move in saving money, and becoming independent.

As I really get into the experimentation of the kitchen, and really pay attention to the cost of food in my house, I’m beginning to see the benefits of scratch food, and going as natural as possible.

Now it doesn’t mean I’m abandaning semi-homemade concept, beause some days, like Mondays for example, if I don’t defrost things in time, or prep food in a timely manner, hamburger helper is my friend.

No, this post is going to cover a practice I’ve done before, but I’m really leaning to go back to.

After my appointment wth Super Samurai’s doctor, I really had to look at the ingredients closer in what I buy the crew to eat. For the most part, we really cut out the dyes, and really bad sugars. No fruity pebbles here. If they want cereal, we have cinnamon life, or honey bunches of oats. Kids love them, and I have to fight for a bowl of cereal at times.

When the doctor told us what could cause his migranes(side effect from his brain surgery), I had to look at what I was serving in general. I didn’t know the seasoning packets had so much MSG in them it could cause the headaches. Salt in general could irriate his headaches too. I stopped using salt as much since I have HBP, but knowing the list she gave me, made me really read the ingredients on the sides of food, and pay attention.

With that said, I’m going to invest in a bread machine. Now, before you make the argument “I don’t have time to make bread myself”, hear me out.

My first bread maker I had was awesome. I was young mom(well I’m still young dammit!), and had two toddlers. Worked a full time job and was in college then too working towards my theater degree.

I would get my two little twins together, throw the ingredients in the maker, turn in on and go. We woud come home, and bread was ready, I was already doing my dinner routine so we had just about everything covered. It wasn’t too much to handle. It took 15-20 extra minutes to put it together, and five minutes once I got home to cut and serve.

Now that I have growing kids, and average 12-15 loaves a month, I had to do something.

This week, I’ll purchase a bread maker. I made bread this way. It was less pricey this way for us, and the machine I want makes jam, pizza dough, and syrup, so these are other things are a bonus too!

So, I’m making the moves to go homemade where possible. I stress it’s all about time management, and I think it’s something that isn’t addressed in changes in diets. While I do have a bit more time that most, I still make time as well. Doesn’t mean I don’t slip, but I try. I’ll post when I get and use my machine!

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  1. Love my bread maker though we don’t use it much right now, but I hear you on all the msg and stuff. We’re going through cutting out various things from my son’s diet. It’s hard but worth it and scratch is tough in the beginning but so much better and cheaper in the long run. Best wishes to you!


  2. sunflower says:

    Good luck! Bread from the machine is supposed to be delicious!


    1. csmommy2014 says:

      Yes! I miss it so much. That and my syrups I made for pancakes,

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