Being Supportive VS. Being Disrespected

I’m all for support and optimism on this blog and the page. We encourage it and even take calculated risks.

That’s life people. You got to live it!

What I won’t do is be ran over or too nice.

This week I was asked to join a page to promote support of Motherhood. First, it should be parenthood, because being a parent (mother/father/guardian) isn’t easy. I’m also against exclusion as well. As parents we all need support period.

Now, I too, support motherhood………I also support respect.

A friend of mine wrote a beautiful piece on infertility. Though, she never experienced it herself, it was well written, and very informative. Someone went on HER BLOG and bashed the piece.

Here’s my problem. It’s her blog! You don’t like what is there, don’t read it. Simple as that. I follow quite a bit of blogs, and read things I don’t like sometimes, but it’s their freedom and right to write what they want. Just like it’s my right not to read it.

She vented into the newly group I was in, and I told her in there words “tell her fuck you, kick some grass on it and keep it moving”.

Apparently, that’s not being a supportive mom.

Here’s my problem. Their is a thin fine line between supportive and disrespectful. I’m a very supportive person, and people who know me personally know this.

I also don’t take shit from anyone.

My response wasn’t for the group, and that’s ok, it’s the admin’s group to run.

As mom’s in these times, I’m noticing a trend of being too damn nice, or on Al Capone ready to blast mode 24/7. You do not have to be that way. Some people don’t deserve a response. Some people need to be told where they need to go, and don’t come back.

I will always support parents, but I will also stand up for myself. Being supportive doesn’t mean you get to just take it or be ran over. You don’t get to come on my blog and put me on blast. That’s why bloggers have contact info. That is disrespectful. If my response isn’t supportive, then I don’t know what is. On a deeper note, everyone parents differently to fit into their household. As long as it doesn’t disrupt my house, or cost me money, do you. If you truly need to know if you’re doing it okay, look at your kids. I think people worry about what others think way too much. If not abuse is involved, tell them to sit on a stick and spin. We all parent differently for different reasons, and need to learn to respect that. Unless it effects you, who cares.

I apparently wasn’t supportive of that mom who left that message, but in that irony, she’s wasn’t being supportive of my friend who wanted to learn more on the subject and write on it. Which was my point.

If we are to be supportive moms, dads, or whatever, there is a way of going about it. It’s called manners, and some need to learn to use some. As for the group. I left it as fast as I was joined in. I left a message privately on why I left, and that was it.

Beacuse that’s how you do things. Not blast people like that. No hurt feelings or drama, because we alll know my backround, and coming from a military family, I hold no tongue, not even with my own family. LOL.

I wanted to write this in saying, remember that fine line. It’s one thing to be supportive. It’s another to defend you brand and your work. We are too grown to be pulling high school bullshit on blogs.

Blogger, you know who you are, and I deciate this post to you. Your work is awesome, and don’t let one lame ass tear down you awesome post and work.


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