Cooking 101: Tuscan Pie


Yes! Blogging like crazy today, since I still have finals and a term paper to finish!

To be honest, I love writing for you guys though! Very therupetic and I think of new ideas as I’m writing to you!

In the chronicles of cooking drama, we got a new oven, FINALLY! No, I didn’t have to see butt crack fix it dude, he only appears for plumbing issues. Downside, I got this early 1990s oven. I mean it works, and trust me, I’m grateful for the oven, but my newer ovens were able to do more things with it. Again with the white oven! I swear it attracts dirt!

Still, I got an oven, and it works. That’s all that matters. Tell you what though, when I buy a house, double oven it is!

On to today’s treat! Now dessert is done, the kids favorite, 7 flavor pound cake. While I wait for dinner to cook, I’ll make my list of what we are doing fo dinner this week. This sunday dinner is a childhood favorite of my brother and myself. I believe had the recipe from those recipe cards you could order back in the day, like the 12 cds for a penny.

Don’t act like you guys don’t remember!

The dish is called Tuscan Pie. Normally it’s made with cornmeal crust, a beef filling, with corn, diced tomatoes, seasonings, tomato sauce, and topped with cheddar cheese.

You guys know me, I have to put my own spin on it though!

We ready to go on the cooking ride? Buckle in and let’s do this!

First, I used pre made pie crust. It only hapened that way because my store was out of jiffy mix. Normally my mom uses jiffy mix, and makes it into a paste to form into a pie crust. I said well they are out, we’ll use this instead. I used that with disposable pie pans. Note: invest in more bakeware. LOL!


Next is keeping in mind my crew are cheeseheads. I think we wrote on this again before, but they add cheese to damn near everything, and their calcium levels are awesome. Between that and constant drinking of milk, I think their bones or in great shape. With that said, I mixed Colby Jack cheese into the filling. I would love to try jalepenos one time to give it a spicy kick, but since this is the first time trying this, we shall see how this turns out. I did add diced red, yellow, and green peppers for flavor, as you see. Sautee the filling together with seasonings.


Lastly is to double the cheese on the top of the pies. Reread the above to see why I did that.


Bake at 350 for 35 minutes, and check the pies. You want the the pie crust to be cooked, and cheesy gooey goodness of the topping to be melted.

I’d let cool for at least 20 minutes before serving. Let’s take bets on if HyperDiva will listen to the part that is really hot or just not care?


Tuscan Pie. Try it. We loved it as kids, and I’m hoping my kids do too! Bonus!: you can make these up days or weeks ahead, freeze them, and bake at a later time! I think next time I’ll strain the juices a bit more but it smells awesome!

Say what?!



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