Friday Family Lab Part 1: Party time Frozen Style!

Now before I get into the party, I want to say everything didn’t go as planned, but Ms. Hyperdiva loved her party! When I laid down to go to sleep, I grinned, because that’s all that really mattered to me.

Going into this three weeks ago, I never watched frozen, because it never really interested me. I’m a 80s kids, so I grew up with Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and stuff like that. When Disney dominated the cartoon movie circuit.

Ms. Hyperdiva, she loved this movie, and I couldn’t refuse a Frozen themed slumber party. It was the last year of innocence(as least in our family’s gene pool), so why not go out with a bang!

As any parent knows, you plan the food, snacks, and gift bags. Pinterest became my BFF. I also enlisted the help of my good friend KJ to make her cake. I give that woman all kinds of credit. If you want her info, and your local in my area, let me know, she does some excellent work as you’ll see in a few.

I first figured out the food. I knew these were 10 year olds, and they weren’t trying to have a dinner party. They were trying to do finger foods, and easy stuff.

I heard them.

Common Sense Mommy to the rescue!

I came up with this menu:

Pizza Rolls
Olaf’s Nose and Melted Snow/Grass
Defrosted Hearts
Elsa’s Power Potion
Elsa cake
Melted Olaf

It came out awesome! I have gift bags to give out as well, but was mainly concerned with the food coming out ok. The recipes are really easy. The cake wasn’t my creation, because my skill in baking isn’t that awesome. Maybe one day, but one rule in being a common sense parent/guardian: know when to ask for help.

The pizza rolls were every simple. I used cresent rolls. Stretch them a little bit, and then build. I used spaghetti sauce for the sauce, cheese, and turkey pepperoni. Rolled them up, and baked them for 10-15 minutes at 375.

Olaf’s nose and melted snow/grass was baby carrots and dill dip. Served in a bowl. Boom done.

Snowmen was bananas cut in half, and pressed mini chocolate chips into the bananas, and covered lightly in caramel sauce.

Defrosted hearts were big strawberries drizzled in caramel sauce.

(Now the plan was to dip the strawberries and bananas in white chocolate, but my white chocolate copped an attitude, and didn’t work, so I improvized and made something different. Girls didn’t care, they loved it just the same.)

Elsa’s power potion was really, really, really easy! It’s mountain dew with ice, and 10-12 blue food coloring drops. Cool thing about this is mountain dew glows in the dark with a black light, so the girls got to see Elsa’s power potion glow in the dark! If you want to do this use mountain dew or tonic water, but I knew 10 year olds weren’t drinking tonic water.

Melted Olaf was easy. Cream of Coconut, apple orange pineapple juice, and ice. Blend in the blender and serve. Story was Olaf wanted to come to the party, but since Ms Hyperdiva was born in May, he melted on the way here. So we remembered him in the best way we can…….until next winter.





The girls loved it, and the decor. They are still passed out downstairs because they did a last night movie/gossip night, and I’m letting them sleep. We have Ms. Hyperdiva’s bridging ceremony this afternoon, and then finally a break.

I wanted to share this with you because even though you see the creations on pinterest or social media, it’s not hard to create a birthday party theme. Just a little planning, help, and creativity, you can pull this off! Now off to clean up…….Enjoy the first part to the lab. Next will be the gift bags.

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  1. tatsyfa says:

    This is awesome.Glad the diva enjoyed it and you are right, that is all that matters. I was also thinking of doing a frozen themed party for my little one. Will definitely use some of what you have done.


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