Tasty Tuesday: If you aren’t felling better………

Extremely late!

So sorry! My relatives from Phoenix came into town, they are like my second parents. We had to catch up, and plan of course!

With that said, I owe you guys major, because you were troopers about it, and I want to say thank you!

On to this late edition of Tasty Tuesday!:

This recipe was something we used when sick, but then became a tasty drink everyone could enjoy. It’s not too bad, and still healthy in a sense depending on the ratio of each you mix.

Sickly Tonic

1 part Orange or Cranberry juice
1 part 7up or Ginger Ale

Pour one into your glass half, fill with the other. My mom used to give us this when we had sinus infections, and if we had UTIs she did cranberry/7up combo. Did wonders. Now you don’t have to just drink it then, and if the 7up is too strong for the youngins, add ice. I do the cranberry/ginger ale combo when I’m having stomach issues, and gone in 10 minutes! We’ve gotten creative here, and mixed varietes of different orange juices, and different cranberry juices. It gets fun after a certain point.

I may post again later today, because I made a dinner recipe that I think just may work! I’ll keep ya posted.

Tune in next week for the newest Tasty Tuesday recipe! This one is for my vegitarian peeps!

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