Family Lab Friday: New Spin On Nachos


As shown on the page yesterday, Family Lab was a creation my lovely cousins Kendra and Brittney sent to me one day last week I believe.

We talk to each other A LOT, and they are big supporters of the blog. I even get calls asking for food advice. LOL. I don’t mind, big cousin to the rescue. As always, they tagged me in recipes, and this one, I saw and said, I must try it. Now, you guys know me, I make my own recipes, or I may see a recipe I like, but change it to see if the kids will eat it, or just to make it different.

This one was no different. I’ll share the original recipe on the facebook page. The kids loved it but said it was a little bit salty, and I’m thinking it was the taco seasoning I bought, so I’ll make up my own next time, but they loved it other than that. It was filling, because we only went for one helping each!

A meal for 4 for 25.00. I was an extremely happy camper.

Tater Tot Nachos(My version)

2 bags of Tater tots(doesn’t matter about brand, but y’all know that)
2.5 pds of ground meat(I used turkey)
1 can of refried black beans
1-2 packages taco seasoning(or make your own)
1-2 cups water(more water gives an easier way to mix)
1-2 jars cheese whiz
pico de gallo
1 bag shredded lettuce
1 container sour cream
green onions(optional)
diced olives(optional)

Cook the tater tots as directed. I left them in a tad bit longer to give an extra crispy taste.

While waiting on the tots, cook your meat. When most of the pink is gone, add the beans, seasonings, and water. Cook for another 15-20 minutes, keeping the meat moving so it doesn’t scortch on the pan.

Once the tots are cooked, let cool before serving. Pour cheese whiz into a microwavable container. Microwave in 1 minute trials. Each time it’s done, stir. Once at a loose, pouring consistency, it’s done.

Once everything is done, build your nachos.

It’s a cool dish, because I didn’t even have to serve anyone. The kids were self efficient. Easy clean up, and really only took 30-35 minutes to cook(I had to defrost my turkey a bit).


*When I make my taco seasoning, it’s really simple. Equal parts of salt, pepper, chili powder, and cayenne pepper. You can store it for up to six months before it loses it flavor.

I served this and strawberry mango lemonade. Give it a try and tell us on the facebook or twitter page what you think!

Check back next Friday for more Family Lab Fridays!

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