Remembering one of my important people.

Afternoon Peeps.

I’m so saddened today. My grandfather passed in his sleep this morning. He wasn’t in pain anymore, which is a blessing.

For anyone who knows me personally, he was my father in my eyes. My mom was a single parent. It was the three of us against the world for the most part. When my mom had to work(at one time three jobs), my grandparents helped out. They watched us when needed, and helped with school/after school expenses.

I got my love of cooking, baking, and history from him. Wasn’t the healthiest stuff, but it tasted sooooo good. My mom modified it so we didn’t have diabetes or high cholesterol, LOL, but between them two, I learned my hard work ethic, hustle, and education from them both.

He was a retired Air Force Staff Sargeant. He served in WWII, and Korean War. He lived through the great depression, civil rights movement, and recession in the 70s and 90s. I took his financial advice very seriously, along with what was truly important in life and family. That it was the simple stuff, like a game of cards with me, and a fried bologna sammich.

If there are any grammar nazis on the page, today is not the day.

He taught me I was worth more than most think. Not to take bullshit from a job. To be multi-talented because you never know what will happen. That material stuff isn’t important, it’s what you do here for yourself and other is what matters. To embrace your education and never stop learning. To stop and listen, it’s not about talking over someone. That your education isn’t just in the books, it’s also life experience. Lastly, to remember where you came from to pass along to your kids.

He was a southern man, who was blunt. Stood up for himself and his family. From a family of 16, and decided to step in to be my father when mine was nowhere to be found. Take his lessons, humor, blunt words, suave charm, politics, and fight for the cause stance, and carry on. I know he isn’t far, and will watch over me while I make my stamp in life. For if it wasn’t for him and my mom, I wouldn’t be the awesome person I am now.

Grandpa, I love you so much and will miss you always. I can hear you cheer me on from above. RIP


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  1. May your grandpa RIP.


  2. elainec1972 says:

    RIP grandpa. So much love and admiration showed in these words of remembrance. I’m sure he was as equally proud of you. Hugs my friend!!


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