Introducting…….Saturday Sabbath Meal

As change comes and goes into my life, I embrace them, because that’s all you can do, right?

One thing I really have been working on was the family’s eating habits. I’ve really been reading the labels on the food products that come into the house, and if I can make it from scratch, that’s what happens. Another change I finally embraced a part of my hertiage, that I ran from for personal reasons as well.

I believe I told you guys I found out that my family was Jewish, and I ran from it, which isn’t the easiest task. It made sense on a lot of levels on my way of thinking in life and raising my kids. It’s just hard to embrace when you’ve been raised in the christian faith all your life, but when you gravitate to something, it’s hard to deny it.

In any event, though it has to do with this post, that’s not the main point of the post. It motivated me to add a new area of the blog!

Here’s a run down, we have:

Tasty Tuesday
Talking Sense Thursday
Feature/Family Fridays
Saturday Night Bar Lab

Well, I added something else onto the week. I call it Saturday Sabbath. Now, here’s how it works. It’s for people who believe that the day of rest in the week is Saturday. If you want the full meaning in the Jewish faith google it. In a nutshell, all cleaning, cooking, and business should be done by sundown friday night, and nothing is to be done, other than family time from friday night sundown to saturday night sundown.

What I’ve been doing for almost a year is prepping my dinner for saturday the day before. This is also why Bar lab is on Saturday Nights as well.


In any event, we just relax all day, movies and chill mode. I may catch up on DVR stuff, and of course my cooking how to shows! With that said Saturday Sabbath posts go deeper than that. It highlights kosher meals you can have. Primarily dinner/desserts that can be made the night before and/or prepped the night before, and served. Now, you can modify these meals to suite your needs, but the basic premise is to get the meal done before the night is on, and a healthlier meal that isn’t a fuss.

Are we ready for the first entry? Leggo!

I was looking for something different, because I’ll be honest, I do get burnt out of turkey, chicken, and pasta. Now, I thought, searched and pinned(pinterest) for about 3 hours before I came up with something. This dinner is a bonus because it can be made for two dinners, if you have leftovers.

Cranberry Pot Roast with Potatoes

1 Pot Roast(about 3-5 pounds)
2 cans whole cranberry sauce
1 package french onion seasoning
1 package brown gravy
2 cups water
1 cup white wine

Wash off roast. Add all ingredients to crock pot, and turn on low for 12 hours. Then in the morning, turn on keep warm, and serve when ready. Make mashed potatoes and serve for dinner. If their is any left, I’ll reheat the meat, make egg noodles, and my version of beef stroganoff

Real simple, and easy. Also healthy and for those who are wanting a kosher meal, it falls into the category.


I know if you visited the facebook page, you saw I was busy yesterday! I made dinner last night, got dinner done for today, and made dessert. This idea came to me while I was reading for my history class.

Yeah don’t ask.

Sweet Chocolate Boston Pie

1 box Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix
1 box French Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix
1 jar of Milk Chocolate Icing
1.5 cups Strawberries

Make cake as directed, using 2-9 inch pans. I used olive oil, instead of vegetable oil, and coconut non stick oil for the pans. No major difference in taste. While the cake is baking, get the pudding made. Let the cake cool. Take one cake and place on plate/cake plate. Spread pudding on that layer. Making sure it’s flat, add sliced strawberries. Add other cake layer. Make sure to flattened the cake, and remove excess pudding. Ice the sides first! Make sure to cover any poenings on the sides, and smooth out the icing, making the icing even. Ice the top of the cake, and finish the cake of by adding the remaining strawberries.

Great dessert for chocolate lovers! Of course Super Samurai doesn’t like chocolate, so my banana split cake is next weekend, unless I figure out something else to make that he would like.



That is the first installment of Saturday Sabbath! I hope you guys enjoy it, and like the new addition. In any event, you get recipes twice a week now! Say wha?????

I’ll be back with Bar Lab next weekend since I’m having Girls Night In yet again, so look out for that!

Love y’all to Pieces, and I can’t wait to fill you guys in on the new developments soon enough!


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