Tasty Tuesday: Drive Thru/Take out on a broke ass fund!

Welcome back to Tasty Tuesdays!

We had a fun filled weekend here at Casa de Common Sense, and soon enough you guys will see what I’m talking about.

I’m noticing as I’m working on networking and getting business things taken care of take out is becoming a choice, but not something I fully like. Not only the prices are ridiculous, but when you really think about it, you can do it all yourself. The rule here in the house is, if you can’t do it yourself, then it’s ok to order take out. If you can, better get to work!

I was craving McDonalds Southern Chicken Sandwich and Chili’s Southwestern Mac and Cheese. Now, I wasn’t about to pay someone else to make it, and the kids wanted snacks for the WWE PPV this weekend. You know where this is going…..off to the store I went.

The goal was quick and easy for teens to fix. Now you guys know, I’m all for semi scratch cooking, but when you got hungry people, and it’s hot, kitchen time gets limited. I fixed my crew this time. Instead of buying out, we created some of our favorites with some groceries and some stuff on hand.

First was the southwest mac and cheese. I wasn’t about to tear up the kitchen to make mac and cheese from scratch. I decided to buy Marie Calendar’s mac and cheese and chili’s white queso dip. Now, a lot of restaurants have snacks in the frozen area so this made the task really easy! I made both according to the directions, mixed the two together, and added some crushed up croutons.

BOOM! You got your southwestern mac and cheese. Cost: 5 bucks for 4 servings!

Now we did southern chicken sandwich from McDonalds next. You guys saw me craving those the other night, and I was determined to have them. Really easy, and was a hit. I bought some of Tyson’s breaded chicken and breaded spicy chicken. I bought bread and butter pickle slices, and potato buns. I had mayo, and bought some cheese, because my kids are cheese crack heads. LOL. I heated the chicken according to packages, and built the sandwiches just like the sandwiches at McDonalds, and tell you something, they tasted way better then what you get in the drive thru.

Cost: 20 bucks for two nights of leftovers.

Like I stress to you guys, I take a semi homemade approach, and sometimes, if premade, saves on time and lets you relax, especially if it’s too dang hot to cook ANYTHING!

We had those, chips, popcorn, soda, and some of the other snacks from chilis in the frozen aisle. As we yelled at the screen, I din’t miss out on anything with my shortcuts, and I didn’t have to pay too much for drive thru/take out service! Win-Win for everyone!

Until next tuesday…..Mardi Gras Girls Night In!


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