An huge update and explanation.

Now that I’m awake, but playing the game of “how many times will I have to go pee today”, I figure I’ll come on the blog, catch you guys up, add some stuff, and just be a crazy woman today.

This entry is to elaborate on the announcement I made on twitter and facebook yesterday and this morning. I’m still hammering out details, but the basics are pretty much locked in and ready to go!

As I said before, in the next couple weeks, you’ll see changes to all the sites in some capacity. Nothing to worry about, but changes that will hopefully put us a bigger scale. It was my goal long term for the blog and readers to get into this role as a business, and branch it over into the restaurant.

I’m still working on the book, but when self publishing, you are footing the bill. It’s taking longer than I hoped, but it wil be up by the end of the year. That’s ok, because I promise you guys, it will be well worth the wait! Great holiday gift for the amateur home bartender, or anyone who loves to experiment.

Back to the subject at hand……I’ll be writing recipes for different occasions to sell on the page weekly. If you have any suggestions, I’ll take those as well. This goes for cocktails and non alcoholic drinks as well. I’m working on the site to link it with the blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Now, here’s the deal. If you follow me on YouTube, and get my name out there to five different people to follow my page and YouTube, I’ll give you a discount towards your next purchase. I’m also going to monthly deals as well, so keep a look out for that.

This will not effect any of the posting schedules I have on here, those are seperate. I will say that I’m going to pull back on Tasty Tuesday to a monthly thing since this will start soon. I want to give you guys the best I have, because you guys rock!

Tasty Tuesdays will also go onto the YouTube channel instead on written format. So starting August 4th, look for the Tasty Tuesday videos to begin, instead of a blog post.

I’ve been hinting about a big project for a while on the page and such, but we officially know, as of August 15th, the crew and I will be moving to California. It’s been bittersweet, but our time in Illinois is done(yes that’s where I’m currently living), and though we tried to make it here, it’s time to go. It’s also that time in life where the roles reverse and the child must take care of the parent. My mom is pretty good, but in other ways she needs my help, and like everyone knows who has older parents, everyone has a time where the roles reverse.

It was also a decision I made based on the care Super Samurai and Wise One were getting(lack there of). As you guys know, special needs care is a big deal in this house, and we need to live in a state where they make it a priority opposed to a second thought.

With new area means new opportunities. I have other big changes happening as well, but I don’t wanna say anything on those just yet. Those are something I want to share the full process as we get started. We are in the “developing” stages!

Oh yeah, it’s that big! Exciting stuff!

Anyway, that’s what has been going on here! If you forgot the different places I’m on I’m going to list them here, because I’m always dropping lines on everything lately! I love you guys like no one’s business, and thanks for going on this journey with me!

instagram: @csmommy2014
you tube: Common Sense Mommy

Join the movement, we are just getting started!


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