Honey Apricot Chicken: Tasty Tuesday!


I apologize about the late Tasty Tuesday post. When you get a blown tire and crumbling brakes, it can take over your day. In any event, lets get on into this post!!!!

If you follow the facebook page(which I recommend with all the social media I have), I got an idea to reuse the apricot chicken I made the past weekend. Now, any great parent knows they don’t like throwing away food, and any way they can reuse food it shall happen!

On Monday, I noticed there still was chicken, and we are trying to clear out the fridge since we are moving. Of course, my facebook peeps also read I was craving baked ziti. I wanted to try that out, but I couldn’t really see using ziti with the chicken. I also didn’t want a tomato base sauce. We do that all the time. I wanted something different.


Now, if you remember, it was apricot chicken was made in the crock pot for Saturday Shabbot Special. Why I mention that is because the dish was sweet vs tart. I wanted to make a sauce from what was cooked already. This is where the homemade cream sauce came in!

I’ve made creamy vodka sauce before but it was tomato based, and making cream sauce was kinda new to me. The key was using real butter. I’ve had discussions with you guys on facebook on the use of real butter vs margarine. Yeah, after making this, I’m sticking with real butter for now on. Making the cheese sauce was easier than I thought. As long as you can make gravy, you can make cheese sauce. I kept with the sweetness of the dish and added honey.

Honey Apricot Chicken with Fettuccine

5 lbs Leftover Chicken Breast or Thighs
2 cups milk
2 sticks unsalted butter
1/2 cup flour
1 package Stella 3 Cheese Italian Blend
2 tbsp organic honey(you can use regular honey if needed)
Garlic Salt
Dripping from chicken
2 packages fettuccine pasta

Cook pasta according to the package. You want to start this first so the pasta is done with the sauce. Melt the butter in a pan. Using a whisk, add the flour to cook with butter. Once mixed with butter, began to add milk to become thicker sauce.

Note: you can adjust the amounts of flour and milk for thinner or thicker sauce.

Once sauce is smooth, add cheese, honey, and seasonings. continue to whisk into mix. Remove from heat. Mix in some drippings from the leftover chicken. One mixed in, add chicken and cook on low for 15-20 minutes. Serve over pasta.



This dish went well with a salad and some lemonade. Kids loved it so it’s a keeper.

That’s all for Tasty Tuesday! I’m thinking we’ll have one, maybe two more entries on this before the move, then it goes to video! So link up on you tube or facebook before the 18th!

See Y’all next Tuesday!


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