Being misinformed doesn’t belong here or in this day and age.

Lovely, lovely, lovely peeps.

It has been sooooo long since I had a fully organized blog to post to you guys. We moved, got things going, the crew started school, and they packed away my laptop cord! Bullocks all the way around!

Now that I bought a new cord, and got the crew back into school, and the dust has settled for now, I’m back twitches!

I wanted to blog about a current issue I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. As a common sense parent, and a person trying to get the common sense movement back on track, sometimes you have to step out your comfort zone to discuss things.

I think we have talked about ethnicity on here before, and I normally don’t get into these discussions because I wait to listen others opinions before I give a response. I’ve sat back, read, and thought about how the tensions are in this country. For those who don’t know, I am a Sanders supporter, and a BLM supporter. I’m also in a family to military members(including my parents), and to Law Enforcement. My heart broke seeing cops getting killed for no reason. My heart also broke for my people getting abused and/or dying for no reason.

My reasoning for the post is the same as anyone before me who is calm but wants change. #BlackLivesMatter is a movement to not just show police brutality. It’s for respect of a group of a minority that haven’t been shown any love in hundreds of years. Though I will say, we have made strides, we’ve also taken steps backwards too. I never thought that driving while black, or shopping while black would be a problem in 2015, but lone behold it still is. I read today Mike Huckabee, of all people, stated in 1857, The Dred Scott Ruling stated we (african americans) are not humans.

Now, if you have people who still think that way, that’s a dangerous thing. Think of it this way. You have breast cancer. You want to give help to fight breast cancer. Awesome. You and I hate cancer in general, but breast cancer is near to our hearts, right? You don’t go screaming “I hate all cancer” in a breast cancer meeting. You focus on the breast cancer. It makes the fight and focus trivial. It makes the deaths and sacrifices less meaningful. If you know that, prostate cancer, for example, has a huge following and fight, why lump them into breast cancer that hasn’t been given the attention it needs?

Now, this is a metaphor. Part of being a mom who decides on having common sense, is to have discussions that are uncomfortable with my kids, and loved ones. In this case, it extends to people who may see it differently. We all are entitled to our opinions, but facts are facts. African Americans are a minority in this country, yet a majority in prisons. A majority being treated different in society, and getting the short end of the stick for a while. To say #alllivesmatter is a great concept and very true, but that’s not the point. No one is being or saying one minority is better than the other, what is being said is the respect and treatment in society hasn’t been changed or dealt with. No one, with common sense, is saying #bluelivesmatter isn’t as important either. Also, it isn’t just a problem here. It is a worldwide problem. We still have lynchings in other countries, just because one is black, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

What it is saying is, if my brother and I are driving down the street, minding our own business, being law abiding citizens, we shouldn’t have to worry about DWB in certain areas because “we have no business being there”. That if I’m a black female in a relationship with a white male, we shouldn’t be treated any different than anyone else. That is I live in the inner city, my child’s school should be funded just as equally as the great suburban schools. That I have rights just like any one else, and they should be recognized as such. These are issues I’ve lived through, and trust me, mine are a little less grueling than other stories told to me.

This country has a huge problem with not walking in other’s shoes until that shit happens to them. We have to stop that. We have to stop, LISTEN, and recognize that the minority issues were never really solved. It had a band-aid put over an internal wound. If we want the change we all seek, step outside of yourself, and LISTEN. We tell our kids to listen and be empathic to others, yet we never do it as adults.

I’m a divorced mom, to three special needs kids. I’m Indian, Jewish, and African American. My kids are all of those, White, and Mexican. I’m a domestic violence Survivor. I’m an artist, and entrepreneur. I’m not in the best tax bracket, and I’m a college student.

Now do you think I’m trying to lump all that together to fight for changes in my life? No. I fight for each one separately because they are important, but I don’t try to lump things together because each has it’s own issues to fight for, and some aren’t as big as others.

I’m not looking for sympathy. What my point is, is before you say or hear someone say #AllLivesMatter, think twice about it. We know all lives matter, that’s a given. With that said, if you feel that the emancipation proclamation, and civil rights movement was important, don’t lump in those hashtags. Those other hashtags have nothing to do with civil rights being violated or lack of respect in the African American Communities.

Let’s stop and LISTEN to those on this side of the fence. Doesn’t cost a thing.


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