Friday Flirt: Introduction

As this physical year comes to a close, I say goodbye to a lot of things, and one of them is a relationship I was in for a little over four years. I met this person when I just said I wasn’t going to deal with the opposite sex anymore, and just walked away from a bad marriage.

It hurt, and some days it still does, but in ways I’m ready to get back out there. There is also a side of me that is still saying what I said 4 years ago.

‘Screw having a relationship, focus on the crew, and your dream careers. I’ll get a dog’.

I share this part of me, because I feel comfortable doing so. I feel like I can talk to you guys about almost anything.

Almost. LOL.

I think this part of the page shall be the realest, funniest part of the entries from this point on, because I’m entering back into the dating world, and let me tell you something, this craziness is nothing I was prepared for.

I signed up for some dating webpages, and I noticed I go on them to get sleepy. Not to seriously find a date. I feel that I want to find that partner in crime, but I’m being extremely picky. I deserve to be picky, I think. I mean I have three other people to think about when dating, and everything going on in our house. I, too, have a lot going on as well, and the person needs to be patince enough to deal with it all, but with a sense of humor.

We start this dating chronicles on a silly note.

I started the periscope channel to talk to you guys, and frankly it’s like crack! I mean seriously people, I started watching Daym Drops and Going Full Nerd to start with. Great guys, love their commentary on food, games, tv, comics, and everything in between. It gave me the idea to have my own, with every other social media outlet I have to connect with you guys.

Little did I know, guys log on to my channel to hit on me!

What. The. Hell.

Nowhere in the title does it imply that I’m looking to date anyone through this means of communication. I’m single, not desperate. Currently, I’m seeing out of one eye, I mean really people, come on?!

It’s funny yet frustrating. I just keep reminding myself, one day, I’ll find my lost puzzle piece to complete the madness that is my life. My organized madness. My happy madness that I wouldn’t have any other way.

Until then, my block button is getting real familiar with me, and I’m cool with it!


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