Baking 101: Strawberry Banana Cake

It’s funny how I come up with ideas for things, but my mind is working constantly. As I writ this, I’m thinking of dinner tomorrow, and wanting to get back into writing my fanfiction.

Yes, I write fanfiction as a guilty pleasure, that’s another blog post.

This creation came out of a conversation my brother and I had about three days ago. We bought a dessert wine a while back, because again, I like to try new things and see what they taste like. After I saw his face, I said I’d pass. It wasn’t nasty though. It was a really sweet creamy dessert wine. Too sweet.

As I wrote on before, I love cooking with wine, because you can manipulate it into whatever you are going for, as long as you pick the right wine. I have never baked with it……until now.

“You know what, I’ll bake it into something”.

Thumbs up all around, and now I was on a mission! How do I bake this wine? What do I pair it with? Well over here at CSM, we are semi-homemade for a reason. First, I don’t have the budget to make everything from scratch. I’m not ashamed of it either. If I bought like that, the crew and I couldn’t enjoy other things, and they get that.


Anywho, I thought cake! It was a strawberry wine, so why not bananas?!


I bought a cake mix, french vanilla, because I’m staying with my mom right now, and I don’t exactly have the space to get all up in the dish.  Going according to the instructions, it was easy, except I threw a swerve…….wait for it…….the wine!

I used it in place of the water! What! Yes! Again, alcohol isn’t lethal when cooked or baked. Leaving the strawberry taste. It gave the cake a pound cake moist feel. Cheat code in baking! It’s like the super genie you attached to your nintendo back in the day. I’m old, shut ya face! LOL!

I bought two mixes, which meant doubling the instructions. I also bought three cake pans. Making this a three tier cake. Oh. Snap. Yes! Dividing the mix into three pans, I baked according tot he instructions. After they were done, they sat overnight to cool.

Meanwhile, I made a banana buttercream spread for the layers. Really easy to do, and not too costly, but does take time and patience. I made this, and refrigerated the mix over night to cool. The recipe is below.


Today, I cut the top of two of the layers of the cake. It made it easier to spread the buttercream layers of banana. It’s only the middle and bottom layers of the cake that get the butter cream spread. First cake, I cut the top layer off, about 1/8 cm, roughly, and then added the spread. Same with the next layer. The top layer, I cut the bottom off to lay it flat on the cake.

I decided to flost the cake with cool whip, and decided to periscope while frosting the cake! It was interesting. Go check out the video, it’s hilarious. I covered the cake in cool whip, and decorated the top with banana slices. It was a hit! I got 2 for 2 today!

Of course it must be put in the refrigerator. I can’t stress that enough. No blaming me for food poisioning! Use the buttercream recipe and let me know what you think! I’m going to grab a slice of cake(knowing I shouldn’t, but man it looks so good).

Banana Buttercream Spread

3/4 cup evaporated milk

3/4 cup sugar

2 egg yolks

3 Tbsp Butter

1 mashed banana

1 tsp vanilla

Cook evaporated milk, sugar, egg yolks, and butter until thick. Add banana and vanilla. Cool, but stirring ocassionally until of spreading consistency.


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