Bar 101: Garnishes

Hey peeps!

Been a while since I wrote anything in this category, but I’ve been so busy with this move. We are semi-settled, but I have time to get back into the swing of things.

Now, you are probably wondering why this post.

Knowing your drinks is a huge part to bartending, of course. In my personal opinion, garnishes can make or break a a sell as well. Not adding a garnish can be just as bad as making a long beach iced tea when the person ordered a long island iced tea.

wpid-20150117_205818.jpg wpid-20150117_213313.jpg

You have classic garnishes, like olives in martinis, and lemons, but I like to shake it up a bit! With that said, garnishes aren’t just lemons and olives. They can be anything really, as long as you remember two things.

  1. Make it look pretty.
  2. Make sure the right foods/objects are paired with the drink.

Let me explain. This is where tasting things is crucial to bartending. Long Island is supposed to taste close to tea. You think lemon with tea, right? By golly, Watson, you have it! This is why bartenders get offended when people think ou job is easy. Um no. A lot of thinking, planning, measuring, and upselling is involved in getting your drink made.

Garnishes aren’t only for the outside of the drink. They can go inside too, and once you get comfy with expermenting with cocktails, you can get creative with your selections on things. It can make you the hit of your gathering really quickly.


CAM00147 wpid-cam00231.jpg

Just like in my cooking/baking post, do the same things. Research, and take notes. You tube(especially my channel) can give you great tips on how to go about creating new drinks, and upselling the drink with a great garnish. Get on in that Lab(kitchen) and get creative!


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