Product Review: Homemade Almond Milk Pt 1


Now that I got a minute to slow down, catch up homework and coming on to the end of the week, I have a little spare time to do things.

One thing I’ll admit on here, because we are family, is I can’t drink milk. Not because I think it’s gross or anything. Ever since I had the crew, my body changed, and not being able to do dairy unless I stay home was one thing on this long list.

I tried Soy Milk, but beans make me gassy. The Rice Milk was too watery. Then you have almond milk. It was the right texture, and tastes really good. It got me thinking, could I make it myself, and would it be cheaper to do so?

Now, here we are! Tonight, I decided to start the process, and finish it inthe morning.


First, I bought a huge bag of almonds at Sam’s club for 15.00. We got home, and poured them into a ziploc bag with water. I submerged them in the water. I let them soak for two days. I was told overnight, but I noticed the longer they sat, the more creamer they became. Now I don’t recommend a week, but two days is a good amount of time.

After they sat, we drained them out the water. Warning. They will look gross, and kind of slimy. That’s completely normal. After draining, I put them in my blender with new water. Again, they need to be submerged in the blender as well. Turning the blender on to blend them, I turned it on, and let it go. I wanted to make sure the almond were finely chopped and mixed.

After about 10-15 minutes, I stopped the blender. Grabbing a bowl, and cheesecloth, I strained and squeezed the almonds in the bowl. The milk was so creamy it was awesome! After doing that, it created about 1 quart worth. We added some vanilla and sugar to it, and mixed it together. I will say this, if you try this and taste it, the milk tastes funny because it’s warm. It’s best to mixe everything achill it overnight.

Something else to keep in mind, you can reuse the almonds on more time to make two quarts before needing to purchase more almonds. I also it has documented that the almond milk you buy in the store isn’t fully almond milk, so that was a factor for me trying this out as well. It cost about 20 dollars for the process(almonds, water, cheesecloth, vanilla, and sugar). Making 2 quarts is a drawback, but since it’s just me drinking it, it may be worth it. I’ll have part 2 in a couple days to see the amount of time if last, and how it is in the morning with cereal.

So far…..I give it a 7 out of 10 cartons of milk. Just because the amount. The process isn’t too bad, and the way to make it isn’t hard at all. I could watch American Horror Story and make my milk while it’s on my tv.


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