Flirty Friday: Caught some feelings……


I wish I had a handbook to this dating thing.

I guess I was raised a certain way, but I’m finding it’s kinda old fashioned. Going forward(but I think you guys would know this), any person I talk about here, will be renamed to protect the broke account I have. LOL.

Now, I tried back at the dating apps and such. Why in the blue hell did I do that. Prior to this, if you are following me on facebook, it was about a month ago(I believe), I got hit on. I was looking very homeless, 8am, at Super Samurai’s bus stop.

Now, we here at Casa de Common Sense have rules on such things.

  1. No hitting on me with my kids around. Too many questions, and censoring my answers to a guy’s questions. Some of this questions shouldn’t even be asked to me in general, really.
  2. No talking to me before 10am, unless you are family, or I talk to you first. I’m not awake, and you may not like the answer I give.
  3. Do not, and I repeat, do not talk to me like I’m a whore. Period point blank. I have a brain, and can carry a conversation. No pity, or disrespect is allowed or I cut you off.

Now, the guy, we will call him ‘long stranger’, broke two already, but I was raised old fashioned, so since he was polite, he still got a conversation. Again, I’m way too nice. Trying to pull at my “single mom” status at 8am will get attitude if not cussed out. He found out real quick. Add on, I never saw him around here(my mom’s house) so that wasn’t happening.

Now, someone else has come into the picture, and this guy is a childhood friend of mine. Now we dated when we were teens, but I mean what I think of dating now versus then are two different things. Mr. Charming Ass(roll with it, you’ll see in due time why I call him that), knows my family, just like I know his. Grew up on the same street, and went to the same schools at different times. We have kept in touch off and on, and the chemistry is still there. Of course, including his time, something is always getting in the way of us trying at something.

Now, I can’t speak for him, though he’s told me how he felt, but for some reason I do feel something towards him. A strong connection, almost as if we never lost contact. Through the split with my ex husband, and this last guy, he’s always been a feeling I can’t describe, and wondering what would have been. Just like he’s charming and sweet, he can press my nerve like no one’s business, but in a good way.

Who flipping knows. All I know, is this dating thing with kids is more difficult than I thought.

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