Just checking in!


I’m finally done(for now) with classes, I get a nine day break, and then back at it! Only next class is a math class.

Dun Dun Dun.

I detest math with a passion. Not the simple stuff, no no.

The “find x using the slope intercept form”, yada yada yada.

Now, when I was taking honors classes in high school. I understood why we had to take the classes. It’s a general education class to show we were well rounded to go to college, trade school, or whatever we chose after high school. In college, where I’m going into debt for an education, my major has nothing to do with ANY and I repeat ANY math.

I’m a Theatre Arts Major with a minor in Social History. Last I checked that means it’s alot of performing and writing. Not Math. Like I never understood why a math major needs a theater or dance class. We enrolled to college to get trained for a certain major and go into the workforce. Then again, it’s the awesome way colleges make money.

Enough about that. LOL.

I’m here to announce we are coming back to do the 2nd year of 25 Holly Days again! Now, I’m going to add new stuff, and change up some things, but the concept is still the same. Family stuff, cokking/baking shortcuts and/or recipes, and all kinds of tips for surviving the holidays!

I’m looking forward to the posts, and the feedback!

Love ya!


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