Its funny how life works.

No handbook. You can get advice, but even with advice, their is no guarantee that it my work.

With that said, it’s the small glimmers of happiness, laughter, and hope that keeps me going.

I’m not going to lie, I comtemplated stopping my dreams, including this blog, media, and everything linked to it. What I didn’t realize was dreams are hard to get to because what you may have been destined to do or talented in is not given to you. The skill may be, but making that your life is a hard road. It’s easy to get a government job and just be content.

Being happy and always staying that way is hard to do. Following your heart is hard to do. A lot of times, people may think you’re crazy for doing so. One thing I swore to myself is I would never do it to my kids. My crew always know I’m their cheerleader.

I guess as Im making goals happen and moving past setbacks, one of my cheerleaders is gone. I wrote about this before, but with his birthday at the end of the month, and other things are going haywire its a bit much.

Its ok though. I will push through this like everything else. Its just taking its toll and I guess it’s my way of telling you guys, I’m human.

Just like we will roll with everything else, we will roll with this. My grandfather may not be here to be my birthday partner physically, but in spirit, I can play gin rummy with him in memory.

~Common Sense Mommy~

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