Sweet Potato Chili with Cornbread Cake

I think I’m making this on the weekend!

Common Sense Mommy

I told you peeps I was giving the gifts of recipes.

This one is healthy, quick, and so tasty, you may not have leftovers. Now, the backstory to my madness is hilarious if you think about it. In previous posts, I watch travel, food and cooking networks. I get ideas from these channels, or I’ll be out and about, especially at the store and see something and it’s like the cartoon, I get the lightbulb over my head, and my face is about as giddy as a fat chick losing 75 pounds.

May I’ll be that chick one day.

Anyway, I had a recipe that I tried about six years ago, Pumpkin turkey chili. It was a hit. I wanted to make something of my own. I wasn’t to challenge myself. I did. This recipe was not only awesome, and the kids loved it, but I got them to eat…

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