Flirty Friday: He’s back…..

As we left off, Mr. Charming Ass dumped me on my birthday right? Well, I’ll give you guys the long version, because everyone loves a great story right?

Get some coffee, wine, cocoa(like I’m drinking right now) and pull up a seat, this is going to get interesting……

Now, I told you guys before, he and I were childhood sweethearts. Our families know each other well, to the point his cousins and aunts consider us family as we do them. I think I was upset last week, not only because it was my birthday that this happened, but in a small way, I do love him. I know, it’s been a long time, and we are both different people, yet the same.

When I was with Mr. Married, we talked, and even then, he tried and pleaded with me for us to try. I didn’t because though I loved Mr. Married(though I learned the hard way), but I was also more embarassed if it didn’t work, like he promised, and I honestly thought our time was done. Two different states, and my family situation kept me from doing anything. Fast forward two years…..

Now, I was dumped, and I decided to move on. I thought fate wasn’t on our side, and the ship sailed. I know cheesy, shut it, LOL. I went back to online dating. I swear it’s as creepy as it was when I met Mr. Married. I went on with my life. I mean why let three guys(my ex hubby, Mr. Married, and Mr. Charming Ass) ruin my chance at happiness with someone else right?

As I’m enjoying my search(sarcasm), and really enjoying my Dad being here and visiting(truth), I get a text at 2am.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that texting or calling at 2am better have ‘911’ in the sentence, or you are missing in action.

It’s Mr. Charming Ass. “Good Morning, I really need to talk to you”.

I’m not going to lie, a part of me wanted to ignore the text. The other part of me, as long time friends, wanted to text back, because he’s been through some crap, and I needed to know he was ok. Of course my curiousity got the best of me, and I text him back.

“I think I made a big mistake”.

That’s when I just called him, because these kind of conversations need to be talked about, not text.

We talked for almost 2 hours. I told him how hurt I was, and didn’t appreciate how he went about things(actually I said “Fucker, you hurt me and that wasn’t fair at all.). I was still in shock, and drilled on question after question.

“What happened? Why the change of heart? You realize if we do this, I can’t move, and we both have to work at this?”

He doesn’t care, and either do I. I mean, right at this moment, it’s easier for the crew to see their father if I stay here, then move closer to him. I don’t want to rush things either. We haven’t seen each other since I was 15, and he was 18. A lot has changed, we are both parents, and both of us aren’t spring chickens. What is weird is the chemistry is as if we never lost touch. We are both learning new things about each other of course but it’s like I never moved away in some ways.

I’m not normally a second chance person, or a person who dates exs, but I think in this case, since we were kids, and it was really short, I can make an exception. With that said, he pulls anything else, I know the Vegas Deserts really well……..

Looks like things just got interesting again, since we are planning a Vegas Trip…….Keep ya posted.


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  1. sunflower says:

    Ooohhhh!!! Can’t wait to hear the rest of it!!


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