Party Food Selection: What do you need to know?

Taking a break from the usual, in a sense. I wanted to touch on a subject that maybe in your future like mine.

Planning a party or wedding.

No, I’m not getting married anytime soon(as far as I know), but I am planning a graduation party. Future brides, reuinions, or parents planning a Quinecanera and/or Bar/Bat Mitzvah, this post is for you.

Planning out a party can be stressful, and when it comes to the food direction, it can get ugly. Of course sampling cakes and foods are fun, but before you get to that point, you probably don’t know what options you have for serving food at your event.

Our awesome friends over at Anoush Banquet Hall and Catering give a simple way to look at your options, and what may be best for you. Read below on the tips and tricks to making this time a smooth process. If you are in the Los Angeles area, or planning to have an event in the area, call them and they will definitely look out for you. Tell them I sent you!

From what I can see, this place it beautiful, and I would put them on my list to have my wedding/reception party!

Wedding Meal Options

The options truly are endless when it comes to your wedding menu. Generally speaking, there are no limitations to the type of food or manner of food service that you can select for your wedding. With the innovative and ever-changing climate that is the wedding scene, you can expect that no matter what you conjure up, you will find plenty of other weddings that had the same idea as you. Whether you decide to use a wedding catering or event catering service, a local restaurant or your grandmother, Aunts and Mother – you have many options when it comes to meals for your wedding and your wedding guests.

Menu Option Ideas


Deliciously Healthy Catered Food Plates0
Deliciously Healthy Catered Food Plates0


Here are just a few ideas in terms of meal options to help you plan for your big day.

  • Food stations – Food stations are especially trendy this wedding season. This option consists of many buffet style tables strategically placed throughout the wedding hall, each offering a unique specialty food item. Think carving stations, seafood boats, sushi rolling, etc. Take note that this is the most expensive of meal options suggested here.
  • Sit down supper – Sit down meals are the most traditional and elegant of meal service options. This gives the bride and groom, as well as all of their guests the chance to sit down and relax as they are served by waiters and waitresses, before they move on to dancing the night away.
  • Buffet style – Buffet style meal offerings are for the laid back and casual bride and groom. This gives the guests the freedom to indulge in what they see as appetizing.


Regardless of the direction you decide to take your wedding meal, there will be no wrong way. You could even go so far as to do dessert only, or even have an early wedding and serve brunch. Into finger foods? Then perhaps stick strictly to past hor d’oeuvres. There are no limits, no rules and no one that will judge you. This is your day – make it whatever you want it to be!



For the best services in catering, banquets, and weddings – visit for more.

If you need more information, call them at 818-764-0000. I think I may have my graduation party there for myself. My crew is still on their kid kick. Oh well I tried. Who wouldn’t want to eat with this setting below? Exactly.

Hummingbird Nest Ranch
Hummingbird Nest Ranch

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