Valentine’s Day: Why it’s just Sunday

To those who celebrate Valentine’s Day, have an awesome day.

For me, I don’t. I made post to help those who do, ideas to make if you did, and I stand by those ideas, because they could be made for any reason really. I also know as a business person, Valentine’s Day generates money.

If you are a history nerd like I am, then you would understand why I don’t celebrate the holiday. When I was a kid, it was because at one point we were Jehovah Witnesses, and it’s against the rules to celebrate any holiday. I sat in hallways many of times during parties, and missed out on a lot of things those couple of years.

It didn’t distain me from the holiday. It wasn’t until I got into college and began to take history classes, and had to research subjects for papers, it was then I realized, most holidays started off celerating things I’m not comfy with. They then morphed into “big business-corporation” boosters.

Again, I’m not here to stop the party, or be a buzzkill. I’m here to let you know why you don’t see a Valentine’s Day post, or me being lovey dovey.

Removing the commercial reasons why I don’t celebrate, it’s goes to a deeper level. I’m a simple, need the memory, chilled out kind of woman. Though I love to travel, and one goal is to get out the US to see the world, it’s a long term career/life goal.

I’m not saying I don’t love gifts, nights out, or anything like with a special person, but a person should wait until three major hoidays to let me know they love me(anniversary, birthday, valentines). It should be on the brain everyday, just like it is for me. It’s the small things. Turn your phone/tablet off and lets have a netflix binge. Lets get a meal and cook together. An unplanned date. A mini vacation for a weekend to a small town, or staycation in!

Sometimes, it’s the smallest of things, like the mid day phone call or text out of nowhere. Surprising me at home just to say ‘hey’.

Since my grandfather passing, and getting older, I have begin to see things differently. That life is about those small stolen moments. Those are the things you remember. It’s too short to wait until holidays to celebrate it. In other words, I don’t wait until today to celebrate love, celebrate it everyday. I teach my kids to make time for it. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so you must enjoy everyday you have here.

Like I said in the beginning, to those who celebrate Valentine’s Day, have an awesome day. I don’t because no one realizes they may be celebrating the death of St Valentine, that one maybe celebrating a holiday of the Feast of Lupercalia, wihch was a Roman Holiday celebrating the god of agriculture. It was to strike to females of the village with blood soaken sacrifices of goats or dogs to promote or celebrate fertility and cleanse the village. Then in simple terms, it’s a hoiday celebrating more money in big corporations pockets, and if I really want to go out and buy something for someone special, I’d go to a small business to do so.

Instead, I make them feel wanted everyday. Add on, we know, I’m very much in a relationship, so this is not haterade, it’s just a thought.


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