Bar 101: Kidnapped Unicorns!


I’m sitting here watching ‘Lucifer’ and writing to you about the idea that’s finally finished.

Now, as I explained on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, I found a gin in the UK called Unicorn Gin. I wanted to try it out and write about it here. I’m always looking to try new things, and taking a step into new areas right?


I planned to buy this, make some recipes, and give you guys a review on the experience like I always do. Well, I ran into a little tiny snagfu……UK doesn’t ship to the US.

Um, what!?

I now have a growing list of liquors I must either imitate or go to the UK, buy and try. That rhymed, lol.

Anyway, I studied, and researched this infused liquor for a long time. We talked about how it takes time to make infused liquor, but to recreate one, then make it takes longer, so the new rule is I’m not telling you guys anything until I start the “shaking” process.


After I figured out my version of the liquor, I made it and shook it like a polaroid picture! LOL. Took about a week and a half. Gin is stinky, and kind of strong. I wanted the slight taste of gin, but for it to become sweet like the description of the original product.

The smarties and sprinkles made it take on the candy taste easily. The true dilemma was a name. I think sometimes for me it’s not the writing or even figuring out the recipe. It’s the coming up with a name that isn’t used or catchy enough to grab attention.

This one was awesome. The inspiration comes in weird ways, guaranteed.

We got a name, recipes, and ready to use. What’s next?

Well, some friends I love dearly, agreed one of the drinks, should be just really out there. Oh yes, I went there, and my friends and I loved it.

White girl wasted.


Now, I don’t mean that in a offensive way, but it’s funny. It’s my goal. To make classy drinks, and to make drinks that make you laugh your ass off. For people who know me personally, it’s was right up my alley.

I think I want to add whipped cream to the drink to make it extra girly! All in all, it was great. I normally hate gin. I only tolerate it in Long Islands, but  this drink hid it well. Check out the sparkles!

This going in the book too!

Until next week peeps! Be careful, stay safe, and laugh loud!


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