Bar 101: Mardi Gras!

Hey peeps!

Been a while, but I got people pulling me in every direction. I said to myself “Today is Blog Peeps Day!”

While I’m catching up on TWD, I’m writing blogs I needed to post ages ago. This one was one of many, so let’s jump into it!

I’m not catholic, but the theory of Mardi Gras ‘let the good times roll’ is a great one in my book. Like last year, I posted up the kids celebration we had. This year we slimmed it down, and changed it a little. I’m beginning to see how location reflects food choices and ideas for me.

I decided to take into account the weather and new home to planning this years dinner. The crew didn’t want king cake this year, so I made something for myself.


This is where Bar 101 came in. As I get ready to pubish the book, and take the next step in sharing reccipes more publicly and in print, I wanted to make something to go into the book for the festivities.

As I researched, I found out their was a king cake vodka(which I shall find a way to try), but unfortunately, wasn’t near me. No problem. Plan B went into full effect!

During the time, the popular drink is served, the Hurricane. It’s a really tasty drink, and on the scale from 1 being, hey this not too bad, to 10 being, oh snapps, I can remember last night, it’s a 8.5. It is something you need to be either A) at home with trusted people or B) only have one with friends, with least one looking out for you to get home.

If not, you’ll end up putting on the “Oh no, I can’t believe I’m taking an uber to get my car. Where the hell am I?” list. Oh trust me, there’s a list……in due time peeps. Just write this one down first.

Anyhow, I wanted to capture the feel of being in New Orleans, but living in countryside LA, with a side of cake tendancies. I think I found it. After I wrote this, I was stumped on the name for about a week. Yes, a week, but the simple go to name I went to I think was great. It didn’t need to be complicated, or overkill. Straight to the point.


King Cake Hurricane.

With the berry taste, it was fabulous! I shared this photo to a couple of you, and I’m excited to share the recipe in the book! I only had one, at home, with my meal. I was good the next day, but I definitely recommend eating before or with this drink.

Until next time: Girl Scout Series Begins!


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