Questioning my logic.

I was supposed to be writing on margaritas, and planning my first tupperware party, but getting the news I just got, I have to write on this first.

As you guys know, I wear a ton of hats, of which one is girl scout troop leader. I originally signed on because Hyperdiva was in the scouts in Illinois, and she loves it. Working with others to empower girls. Giving back to her community, and learning how to run her business.

I can get behind that. Here in California, in the area I’m in, their are wait list. You read that right, wait list. Girls who have waited since kindergarten to be a scout. I explained that to the parents that it takes work at this age, but we are also having fun.

Parents begged and pleaded for me to start this troop. I put about 20 hous a week into the troop, and at times my own money into the troop. We’ve lost one leader, and four girls.


Because they couldn’t commit to the work after realizing it wasn’t a hang out session, or not do the work in their roles. We now have a better co-leader, and some girls left, but it pisses me off that parents begged, but didn’t follow through. That is what really pisses me off.

It showing these girls that it’s ok to sign up for something, then quit when it gets tuff. I taught Hyperdiva “you don’t sign up for something if you aren’t going to give it your all”. She also has a two choice limit on activites for these reasons. She does her work, and really excited volunteering to help the retired veterans.

These parents knew of the work. They didn’t keep up with these girls, and when I pressed the issue to see what was going on, they “didn’t have the time to continue”. Let’s not mention the click-ish crap I had to bust up. We are a sisterhood, and included everyone, and don’t use others.

It’s almost like I’m another parent. I didn’t sign up for that bullshit. I signed up to guide girls in becoming awesome powerful women. To give back, and yet I feel like they don’t to try, and can give a damn of the other girls who do. Now, we have projects that didn’t get completed because they had task that they didn’t do. Such a waste.

I was real close to quitting, but then the girls who are left, and leaders would feel abandoned. Nope, I can’t do it and feel ok with that. My mom didn’t raise a quitter, and I’m not raising any either. The girls who are left will have me in their corner. Tonight, we will issue in a new era of our troop. Earlier, I turned in flyers to expand our troop, because most don’t know who to call or reach out to if they were interested. I was thinking of even seeing about our troop wanting to do a robotics team. Just because we ar girls doesn’t mean we can’t build machines.

My mom was a marine. “Can’t isn’t in our vocabulary”. If nothing else, that’s our troops motto, and that’s what these girls will take from this experience.

Thanks for listening. Remember, your kids need to know hard work, and giving back.


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  1. I love that you went on and started this troop! I did this same thing for the man child when his cub scout pack was going to be disbanded because no other parent wanted to step up, I know it’s not easy…but the rewards are so great! And the kids, the ones who really want to be there and the ones who really bust their butts to grow really do take these lessons with them for the rest of their lives. You, my dear CSM, are AWESOMETASTIC in my book! HUGGELS!


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