Tasty Tuesday Pt. 1: Thanksgiving Edition

Since Thanksgiving is today, I waited until today for a special edition of Tasty Tuesday!

One problem I have in my current place is lack of space. In Illinois, I ha a ton of space to bake and cook. Then mix drinks. Post it all and share with you guys. It’s a HUGE reason why the blogs slowed down. I thought hard on what I could do this year that was different but got dinner done quickly with a small space.

Crockpot! Why I didn’t think about this before? I mean how would one crockpot their turkey?

I’m glad you asked.

Last year, I marinaded my turkey in honey and orange marmalade. It was a hit, but being in Southern California, it gets too warm in here while cooking. Getting around some dishes aren’t possible, but the turkey…..it may work. I googled to see if anyone had tried it before.

Of course they did! I needed a bigger crockpot, which I was game for buying, because that’s my vice. LOL. The bigger crockpot gave more space to hold to the turkey and add my flavoring without it boiling over. After washing off the turkey, I placed it in the pot, and added my seasonings, and juices.

Now, you don’t have to add juices, but, with what I decided on it fit perfectly. Cutting a granny apple and naval orange, I placed it inside the turkey. I used apple orange pineapple juice for the juices to ad to the turkey,and seasoned with honey and garlic pepper.

One thing I want to stress is, to cook the turkey on high for two hours, and then on low for the reminder six hours.

I can smell the the turkey from over here. The smell you guys…….oh. my. glob. Between that, and the pies momhulk made last night……it smells awesome in here!

In part 2, coming later, I’ll post pictures, and tell you about what else we got on the menu!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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