My secret……

I finally have a minute to talk to you guys. I had Hyperdiva’s Bday party last night, which that will be a different post.

These secrets are kinda well know on my personal page, but I want to add them here.

I have actively begin to pursue my acting career. Singing up with Central Casting here in LA. Now for those of you who don’t know, it’s a casting agency that’s used for extras here in the Hollywood area. I used them a lot before I left California, but decided to go for it again.

I was also concerned because my eyelid never healed correctly from the cornea transplant. I’ll be honest, I really came close to giving up my dream career because looks are everything in the business. No matter how talented you may be, looks do play a role in advancement.

But I missed it. A lot. Each day that passed, I wanted my career. I think the moment it really hit home was the crew are almost adults now. I don’t have to worry about them as much, and they have their lives. I should have mine.

Here we are. I signed up, and will call daily to see about work and all I can say is watch for me on TV!

The second one, which I think I mentioned on here, is that I became an uber driver. Yeah…I have a love/hate relationship with this job. It lets me see parts of Southern California I would have never thought about, but it’s a true hustle to work for. One point I can say, is please, if you have a ride that’s 10 bucks or under…….tip your driver. We get what is left after fees, which can be 6-7 bucks. Not a lot.

I will be writing on both on here, because I’d had some really funny, weird, outrageous, and everything in between experiences with Uber.

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I’m hoping to figure out to video option on this blasted blog. I’m really digging the video option for blogs. Keep a look out for that.


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