Purge and focus on what’s important….

Hi Peeps!

It’s been sooooooo long, and I’ve been so busy! Between work, school, and making necessary changes to correct our lives, it just led me away from you guys.

I’ve missed cooking, chatting, and chilling out with you guys. It really dawned on me this morning when I missed Hyperdiva’s theater competition to work. Just for the scheduled ride to cancel on me.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, I’m working as:

-Caregiver to two patients.

-Lyft Driver

-Amazon Delivery Driver

-Four businesses

Add on going to school part time, and still a full time mom. I just concluded my chapter 7 to clean up my finances from the lay off this summer. Its been ruff, but I was determined to pay off debts and make sure my crew is taken care of.

Of course in the process, nothing goes the way you plan, like getting your storage broken into, and have everything stolen, but we will prevail. After the tears and frustration settled, we made plans to decorate with our taxes. In some weird way, we are excited.

On the up side, I have completed(December 15th) my first of three semesters of classes towards my degree. I still have two more years at a 4 year college, but it was great to be back on a campus. Being back in a theater setting brought back my drive and passion for being on the stage, and having our lives back.

Hence today.

We have been on this kick of purging the unwanted things out our lives, and our apartment. It’s a beautiful thing. Not to make more for the new, but just unwanted stuff needed to go!

Purge. Get rid of the unwanted juju. The unwanted items. The unwanted debt.

It makes life simple.

Now, to go grocery shopping to get back to what matters, this blog!

By the way, only cooking sides this year for the thanksgiving/birthday dinner. I’m tired you guys. Working 12-14 hour weekends takes it toll. Also, why should I have to do a ton on work on my birthday? Um no. Ya girl is taking a break!


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