TV Pick of the week: Happy


I missed a lot of tv due to driving for Lyft and school. I’m finally out for winter break. Now before I get into this show, I want to mention……

I’m a Huge Chris Meloni fan! Everything, well just about everything he’s starred in I’m a fan of.

Here enters Happy.


Chris Meloni stars as Nick, and disgraced former cop, who is now a hitman for hire. He drinks, smokes, and frankly doesn’t give a shit about anything really. Patton Oswalt voiced the imaginary donkey unicorn, Happy. Without telling too much, it’s a grown up dark comedy that had me in tears!

If you are a comic fan, this isn’t new to you, since it’s started out that way. What I will say is you can’t watch this around the kids, unless they are over 15(at least). Also you have to sit and watch it. No phone, tablet, or any distractions.

It’s that damn good, peeps!

My kids heard me laughing and cringing at so many parts it was ridiculous. That was just episode 1. I’ll be watching episode 2 here tonight after the house is shut down from the WWE PPV.

I give this show 9.5 donkicorn (if that’s a word) farts out of 10.

Even for a person for ADHD it isn’t hard to follow, and the action stays on point! Like I said, it’s a dark comedy, and I didn’t know it was a comic. Looks like I’ll be going to the comic book store to find this too!

SYFY, Wednesdays at 10pm. Check it out!



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