Updates for 2018!

Hey ya Peeps!

I took some time off from everything to evaluate what exactly I wanted to do, and where to go.

Trust me, this blog isn’t going anywhere, but I did want to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with it, and write on. Most important, how often I should write. As we have discussed on here before, change is the only guarantee in life. I’m learning right now, that the smallest type of change can throw a whole situation off.

I guess with that said……..I’m back!!! Though I’m back in school, on a campus, I’ll definitely be writing more. One change I did make for the sake of my sanity and wallet is Lyft. I can’t compete with people who choose to live in their cars, and have everything but cable service and plumbing in their cars. Just to get paid close to nothing.

I can be broke at home. I figure a great compromise is like tonight. Hyperdiva and Super Samurai need money for school stuff, so out I go to earn $40 for tomorrow.

As for here…..

I have ideas, and new things I want to share, and with me having a more structured schedule, it’s coming starting Tuesday.

Hint: Video……..

Stay Tuned!


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