Tasty Tuesday: Spicy Mango Salmon

Hey everybody(in my family guy voice)!

Tasty Tuesdays are back!

I missed you guys! No seriously I have!

I wanted to plan something awesome and special with my comeback. I thought ‘what do you fix that’s special?’


To recap, the last couple times I fixed salmon, it didn’t go so well, but this time was sooooo good Peeps! Now, the crew hates fish. They got stuffed acorn squash, and they were happy.

I call this spicy mango salmon, and you know me, it’s semi-homemade. That also means you to can be just like me!

First, I went to my local international store for their pico de gallo. I love their pico, and guac! Shout out to Vallarta Supermarkets. If you are in Southern California, check them out. I get the best deals in there!

Ok, got the spice. Next I raided my dollar store. Mangoes, avocados, coarse sea salt, orange juice, and foil.

I came home to a defrosted slab of salmon, and went to work!

Spicy Mango Salmon

1 slab of salmon, rinsed

Half container of pre-made pico de gallo

1 can mango slices

1 package of mojito lime seasoning

2 rip avocados

Orange Juice

Olive oil

Red Pepper

Pre heat oven at 350 degrees.

Line a deep baking dish with foil. Pour some olive oil, red pepper, salt, and orange juice into the pan. Coat the salmon on both sides to give flavor.

In a bowl, take remaining ingredients mix together. Pour over salmon.

Bake until fish is flaky.


Sidenote: this is probably better on the grill or marinading overnight.

Try it and comment!!!!!!





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