Do I Need to Prepare for a Mass Shooting?

My exact thoughts as my kids go to school. My lovely friend hits it on the head…..

Raising Our Blussian

Disclaimer: This is not a pro- or anti- gun control post. That being said, please be respectful in the comments. 

Growing up, I can remember the first time I heard about a mass shooting. I was already in college when Columbine happened. My roommate and I, with our friends and neighbors, were gathered around her small TV in our dorm room and we watched the news with horrifying expressions. We all couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

Mass shootings just didn’t happen in schools. It would be ill for me to say they didn’t happen at all, because they did.  None of us knew what the hell was going on and we all prayed for the students killed, wounded, and everyone in that small town of Columbine.

And then a weird thing happened…these shootings keep happening. At church. At a nightclub. In a mall. On a university campus. In…

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