Now, some of you reading this first thought of the 80s movie, that I love BTW.

That’s not what I was referring to. I took a step back.

As a writer, sometimes, you have to take a step back to see where your work is going. What your purpose is on the project, and most importantly, do you want to continue?

That last question, I can answer without a doubt, I sure do! I’ve always loved to write, but as my life evolves, so does my writing.

I started this blog when my eldest two were in high school (10th and 9th grades), and my youngest was in the 3rd grade. They have since graduated high school, and started college. The baby is no longer a baby, and will be in 7th grade next year.

Expectations change, as one huge blog movement was organization of meals, and activities. Well being a mom to grown folk changes a lot of it. They aren’t home as much for me to be concerned with picky eaters, and now it’s more of me becoming a roommate.

Don’t believe me? Ask a parent to a grown person who still lives at home.

Point is, I had to reassess what was the purpose of this now? Where do I go now?

Peeps, my cooking and bartending skills haven’t gone anywhere. I still love it all. I just had to understand, I can cater to me now! That I can still write here, and try things, but I don’t have to be concerned(as much)with it being kid friendly! When that light went off in my mind, it was a beautiful thing! I mean seriously, think about that. If I want to create a fish dish to post, I can! If I want to create a vegan dish to post, I can!

This freeing thought made my creative juices go nuts! So where have I been???



Experimenting on a budget isn’t exactly an easy task, but it is fun! You substitute.

Rule #1: If you can, substitute it.

It’s not like you are presenting this to The Queen or President of the United States. You are making this for your family or yourself. If you can’t afford what is being asked to use, see if you can substitute the ingredients.

Example: I want to blog on making Pastitsio (Greek lasagna). In this case, the kids will like it, but I read the ingredients, and said to myself ‘um, some of these have to be swapped out for sure’.

Am I worried? Not at all. I’m excited!

That brings us back to the other two questions.

What is the purpose? Where is the project going?

Now that we are in LA, I think I need to incorporate that into this blog. There is so many awesome places that aren’t featured to visitors here in LA, and I’m ready to tackle them all!

What does that mean? I’m getting familiar with video. You may just see a vlog on here. I love the idea. Sometimes for me, words can’t express what I’m doing or where I’m at.
So who is ready????? I know I am!!!!!


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