Make that crockpot work! 

As I was making that great chili, and cleaning the kitchen, I made sure to get our Shabbat dinner together. Another reason I didn’t have these blogs up last night.

I love writing, but its considered working, and when your Jewish, that’s a no no.

I’m catching up tonight though!

Anyway, I defrosted those roast for a little bit before using my awesome kitchen gadget, the crockpot.

Tip: make your crockpot, AND crockpot liners your friend during the week. You’re welcome.

I just added a family size of beef broth and a cup of water to the pot, and turned it on high. Around 3am, I got up, turned it down to low, and added 2 family sized canned yams to the pot, and recovered it.

This morning, I had Brandon turn it on keep warm. I didn’t add any seasonings to it since my three eat their roast three different ways

Brandon: tons of ketchup

Anastasia “Annie”: bbq sauce

Emily: whatever she feels like adding at the moment.

In normal cases, I would have added bbq sauce, brown sugar, and pepper. Mixed and cooked for a little longer to cook the flavors in.

Tip: when you cook mean this way it’s easier for a person to eat it if the have teeth issues or chewing issues like Brandon does.

The fat was to the point it melt in your mouth. It came out great. I also got to really relax on Shabbat, except checking on my mom. She really sick at the moment, so having this taken care of early helped out my household.

Roast: 23.00(bought two)

Yams: 4.38

Beef Broth: 2.75

Grand total: 30.10 plus tax.

I still have leftovers of that too, son you know what’s going to happen.

Tell me a working mom of three, in college, and business owner/actress can’t get things done.

I’ll swift kick you.


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