Saturday Bar Lab: Review “Jamaican Me Happy”

Peeps, losing our stuff crushed me like no one’s business. It hurt us as an unit to have our stuff stolen, and I almost gave up on this blog because of it. It wasn’t just all my house stuff, bartending stuff, but my kids lives were in that storage.

What was the point….Just memories gone…..


I’m a Marine product, and we don’t quit!

I began to rebuild. We are almost there. We are almost back, and boy oh boy, we got plans, and ideas for days! As we approach six years, I’m amazed how much we have tried and changed our diets around here. we aren’t done yet……

It’s Saturday, so you know what that means……BAR LAB!

I haven’t really mixed a lot in a while, so this review is to get me back into the swing of it all.

I still look out for different things in the store, on tv, and on social media. I finally said, “you know what, I miss creating, mixing, and reviewing. I need to get back into it”. There is A LOT I still haven’t tried yet, and it’s about time I dive into the world of mixology again.

As I was getting done shopping for some groceries, I saw this below:

Hmm. I’m always down for a vacation without spending money or packing. Why not!

Now, as you see it’s Seagrams. That means it’s gin, and normally I hate gin.


The first thing I noticed pick up the can, is that its 2.50 plus tax. That’s a really great deal for over a pint of liquor.

I got home, cooked dinner, and after dinner, it was time to test it out. First taste, you would never know ANY gin was in the cocktail. You taste strawberries, pineapples, coconuts, and watermelon. That’s a good and bad thing. You can get drunk very fast from it, but it didn’t burn. It was smooth and fruity.

I also couldn’t finish it. It took me three days to drink that can! In my defense, I’m a semi light drinker. An idea for it is you and a friend or spouse can split the can as big as it is. You could get 6-8 of them, pour it in a punch bowl and serve it at a party too.

At 2.75 each, that’s 22 bucks to cover you party. Other than not liking gin, which is just personal choice, I really didn’t see any cons to this line. On the website, they have bottle options, can options, and variety packs to purchase. If you are looking for a frugal option for your function, I definitely recommend it!

I give this 4.5 crushed cans out of 5!



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