Indian Food Part 2

#tbt remember these beauties???? I should try it again!

Common Sense Mommy

Hey you Peoples! I’m so sorry for falling of the blog wagon!

I had my laptop die, got a job, left that, and now dealing with some personal stuff I put off(knee surgery, and starting school to name a few), but I’m back! With all kinds of stuff to post. Don’t forget! I have the Facebook page, that I have been keeping up with more than this blog!

Slacker! Yes, I know, I’m back home with a working laptop, so we are getting caught up. Let’s get it!

First, I have planned out Halloween. That holiday in this household is bigger than any holiday during the year. We are a family of artist, and if you don’t know, artist love creating outside the box. Not to mention, we love free candy. Be real people, your kids love free candy, and you love stealing it to ‘check it for poison’. Lol.

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