Sangrias! : The best way to introduced to wine.

In honor of the holidays this weekend, make a ton!!!!

Common Sense Mommy

Funny thing about talking to people about wine, first thing they say is,

“I’m curious, but don’t know where to start” or ” don’t like the taste of wine, especially red wine”.

I get it. One complaint I had was the red wine statement. Here’s the deal. Wine is good with certain foods, and that’s a general big rule you have to pay attention to. As we’ve said before, I have a sweet tooth. I look for that going into looking for any cocktail, wine, ale, anything liquor related. That would be the second rule into going to select a wine. Know what you want. I mean your paying for it, and everyone’s taste is different. Try to go to a wine tasting place or wholesale place that will let you sample wines. Some of the stores will have a certain days you can try for free.

That’s part of…

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