Non Dairy Ice Cream: Yes, it exist AND inexpensive…

My peeps!

How are you doing? Seriously?

My creating has come in spurts. One minute I’m cooking and creating all kinds of things. The next, I just want to sleep and be lazy.

Today……let mama get into her kitchen and work her genius.

Now, we live in California, and here by the end of this week its supposed to be 95 degrees outside. I wanted to rebake a cake that was a hit in our house, but that’s out. I thought ice cream? Why not!

Here’s the problem: no ice cream maker. Bullocks.

I began to Google options and came across a way to make a soft serve ice cream without a maker! Not only is it super easy, it’s really cost friendly.

This recipe is so easy, the kids can help!

Easy Soft Serve Ice Cream

2 pints of Strawberries

5 bananas

1 can pineapples, drained

1 can coconut milk

Note: you can use regular milk, but due to me being lactose sensitive, I used coconut. So yes, this is not only kosher, but vegan and gluten friendly!

1. Rinse strawberries. Remove stems(I just cut the top of the berries off). Chop into chunks. Set aside.

2. Peel 5 bananas. Chop into chunks. Set aside.

3. Drain your can of pineapples. Make sure all juice is removed. Slice your pineapples into chunks.

4. Mix all fruit into a freezer ziploc bag and freeze overnight.

The Next Day…..

5. Take your mix and blend in a blender with 2 tablespoons of milk. Blend until its a thick ice cream consistency. Add more fruit if too watery or add more milk if too thick.

It will make a ton of noise, but that’s normal.

Now, I would add more fruit in the blender to make thicker, and definitely use a food processor if you can. The blender did work though!

As you see, you’ll need to defrost before continuing, but cutting fresh fruit definitely makes a difference.

Serve as is. You can re-freeze this and eat later! I loved the consistency, no added sugar, juice or anything. Just the ingredients listed. Again you can adjust liquids to make thicker or thinner.

Fyi: I still have tons of fruit left over so we can make more later! I believe we have a winner!!

Flipping yummy!!!

Let me know in the comments if the kids enjoyed it!!!


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